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TikTok and Pinterest have both become powerful social media platforms, which is why so many businesses include them in their brand marketing strategy — but can the content be repurposed from one platform to the next?

As TikTok grows in popularity, you may consider cross-posting your TikTok videos onto Pinterest. Yet without a proper strategy, the effort can cause more damage than benefit.

Let’s explore the overlap between TikTok and Pinterest and how repurposing content can improve your brand’s authority and results. We’ll also discuss how to post TikTok videos on Pinterest and common mistakes to avoid.

The Connection Between TikTok and Pinterest

It is possible to post TikTok videos on Pinterest, and there are a few different ways to repurpose content in this way.

As a video platform, TikTok allows businesses, brands, and bloggers to connect with an audience by producing creative and authentic content. The video-focused approach to content is a powerful storytelling tool and offers a unique user experience compared to other social media apps. One of the most useful features of TikTok is the trends that allow you to stay relevant (and go viral).

Pinterest is also a visual platform that allows brands to connect with an engaged audience. Some Pins are static, but video Pins are also available, serving a similar purpose to TikTok videos.

In addition to their shared vertical format, Pinterest is undergoing a pivot that mimics TikTok-style videos through Idea Pins. Users can access similar video creation tools to produce purpose-driven and actionable Pins.

Instead of creating new Idea Pins and separate TikTok videos, you can now cross-post your content with ease. However, careful thought must be applied to get the best results.

Why Post a TikTok Video on Pinterest?

When considered strategically, there are several benefits of choosing to repurpose TikTok to Pinterest. Consider the following as a starting point.

Easy Format Transition

Ideal TikTok dimensions are 1080×1920, with a standard aspect ratio of 9:16. It’s also possible to create a video in a 1:1 aspect ratio, but this size is not ideal for the screen.

Pinterest recommends dimensions measuring 1000×1500 or an aspect ratio of 2:3. Larger aspect ratio may cut off in people’s feeds.

The difference in content size is minor, making it easy to repurpose content.

Most of the time I will choose to clip my TikTok video into multiple shorter video clips so I have multiple slides for Pinterest.

Save Time and Effort

Producing a quality TikTok video takes time, effort, and a lot of creative thought. Repurposing the content for Pinterest expands the impact of the video and improves the return on investment (ROI) by boosting the video’s reach and engaging with a new audience.

Repurposing content may involve tweaking the video, but the small effort can offer a great return on investment.

Grow Brand Presence

Sharing quality content on Pinterest expands your reach and increases brand exposure. Tiktok videos are usually informative, educational, funny, and trendy. Sharing these videos on Pinterest introduces a unique dynamic and fresh perspective to your profile.

Achieve Your Marketing Goals

As long as your goals for each platform align, cross-posting from TikTok to Pinterest can benefit the brand. For example, if your marketing strategy strives to improve reach, and boost engagement, then re-sharing content from one platform to the other can help achieve these goals by tapping into a fresh audience pool.

How to Repurpose TikTok Videos for Pinterest

There are many ways to repurpose Tiktok videos for Pinterest. The following workflow steps are easy and effective, offering a low-risk strategy for making your content go further.

Choose Your TikTok Video

Only some TikTok videos will translate to Pinterest. Each platform serves a unique purpose, and these strategies don’t always overlap. When choosing a TikTok video to repost on Pinterest, you must consider your audience and intention.

The best videos will meet one (or more) of the following goals:

  • Offer inspiration
  • Suggest an idea
  • Advise on things to do
  • Suggest things to try
  • Promote things to buy

The video should also perform well on TikTok, suggesting that the content is truly engaging and useful.

Download TikTok Video

After assessing well-performing videos on TikTok and deciding which videos will perform best on Pinterest, you need to download the video.

There is a selection of applications that will help you remove the TikTok watermark to prevent the Pin from appearing as a lazy effort of recycling. Each application will have its own instructions on how to remove TikTok watermarks, so make sure to do your research.

Personally I use repurpose.io and have all of my TikToks automatically downloaded to my google drive folder of choice and the program automatically removes any watermarks for me.

It’s saving me a ton of time over using downloading the videos, removing watermarks, reposting it, and repeating this 5+ times for each post!

All you have to do is connect your platforms, create simple workflows, then the software automatically repurposes the videos for you!

I think you’ll really like it, they have a free trial. Check it out here.

Create Pinterest Pin

As Tiktok content is shared in video format, you’ll post a video Pin or an Idea Pin to Pinterest.

An Idea Pin is a good option if you intend to grow your following and increase your views on Pinterest. Idea Pins are highly engaging and offer the potential to grow your Pinterest reach and increase brand awareness. Conversely, Idea Pins do not have links, so there’s a low chance of driving traffic to an external website.

While video Pins aren’t clickable, they have a link, meaning that the Pin can be used as a lead to your website. From here, you can work on converting your audience into paying customers or increasing your website traffic.

There is also the option to repurpose your content into both a video Pin and an Idea Pin for maximum effect!

Optimize Your Pin

Pinterest is a visual search engine, and your content should be optimized effectively to reach your target audience. Just like any other Pin, your repurposed content should have Pinterest SEO techniques applied to get the best results.

Include Keywords

Consider the words your audience will type in the search bar, and try to meet these queries by including relevant keywords in your Pinterest caption (and title).

There are a few easy and effective ways to research strategic keywords. For example:

  • Explore the prompts that appear in the Pinterest search bar
  • Use the Pinterest keyword tool in the ad campaign objective
  • Assess predicted Pinterest Trends
  • Explore related searches on Pinterest

Add a Call to Action

Each Pin should have a clear end goal. Rather than leave it up to your audience to figure out what to do next, you can include a clear and direct call-to-action (CTA) in the Pin description. Ask the user to Repin, Learn More, Buy Now, or more.

Ensure your CTA is clear, brief, and to the point while guiding them in the right direction.

Add a Pin Title

The Pin title serves as the post’s headline, which catches the user’s attention and encourages them to explore more. The headline should allude to the content of the Pin while including strategic keywords.

As a guideline, include a relevant long-tail keyword of two to five words. For example, if your video includes an omelet recipe, your headline could be Quick and Easy Omelet Recipe for Busy Moms.

The above title is direct, specific, and engaging, and it includes keywords that are likely to meet user intent.

Include Relevant Tags

Pinterest uses hashtags, notes, and descriptions to identify the content of your Pin and deliver the post to an audience based on connected search queries. Optimize your Pin by choosing up to 10 relevant tags with closely related keywords, helping Pinterest better understand the content in the Pin.

When sharing an Idea Pin, you can also use the “details drawer” to add notes and helpful information.

Choose an Appropriate Board

Finally, you can organize your repurposed Pin to a relevant Pinterest board. The chosen board should be relevant to the Pin and serve a purpose for both yourself and the user.

Optimizing your Pinterest board improves the chance that it will appear in search engine results (both on Google and Pinterest).

Mistakes to Avoid Uploading Tiktok Videos on Pinterest

Before including TikTok videos in your Pinterest strategy, consider the following common mistakes. Awareness of these pitfalls is key to making the most of the opportunity.

Not Removing Tiktok Watermarks

Pinterest prioritizes unique content that offers value to the platform’s audience. Pinterest detects content that has been reposted and repurposed without effort and ultimately suppresses these Pins from being seen.

Leaving the watermark on the Pin also communicates to your audience that you’re not taking the time or effort to share unique content. While some users may not be bothered, it may come across as sloppy and lazy to others.

It’s also important to prevent using your TikTok profile link, as Pinterest prefers to keep users on the platform.

Not Putting Text on the Screen for Context

A little bit of text overlay can go a long way in improving the results of the Pin. As with other Pin content, it’s recommended that creators add copy to the image to provide additional context and encourage engagement.

As a suggestion, you should add the Pin’s title as an overlay, helping the user know what to expect and serving as a teaser. A text overlay is a powerful element on Pinterest, and it’s useful to lead with the answer and hold attention from the beginning rather than lead with a hook and hope for the best.

Misunderstanding the Audience

TikTok and Pinterest are two different platforms for specific reasons.

For example, TikTok demographics reveal that 92.39% of all TikTok users are between 13 and 34 years old, and businesses post on the platform to increase audience reach, consumer engagement, and creativity.

In contrast, women aged 25 to 34 hold the biggest share of Pinterest’s advertising reach. Businesses and brands post on Pinterest to boost exposure to new customers and influence consumers’ buying decisions.

When repurposing content, you must meet the sweet spot where these demographics overlap. Consider the intent of your strategy and make sure that your content fits the plan.

Lack of Intention

There’s little point in simply re-posting content for the sake of saving time and making the most of your effort. While it may seem like a decent opportunity, reposting without intention can cause more damage than good.

If the TikTok video doesn’t resonate with your Pinterest audience, then it will lead to confusion for both the users engaging with your content as well as Pinterest’s algorithm. Make sure that you maintain a goal-orientated mindset that fits into your overall strategy.

Whenever posting a repurposed Pin, you must ensure that you match the effort with unique, Pinterest-specific content.

Failing to Weigh the Risks

There are certain risks that come with repurposing content without strategy or thought. For example, if you choose to post TikTok videos on Pinterest, then you open yourself up to copyright issues. While TikTok allows users to post certain songs or audio clips, Pinterest may not have the same rights. Posting without consideration could open you up to a copyright claim.

Repurposing Time-Based Content

TikTok is a fast-paced platform. Jumping onto viral trends helps to push TikTok videos onto the feeds of a wide audience. In contrast, Pinterest Pins have increased relevancy for a longer period of time. Reposting time-based content on Pinterest is short-sighted and may not reap the rewards you hope for.

Limit Money-Making Opportunities

If you plan to join the Pinterest Creator Fund or Pinterest Creator Rewards program, you risk financial success by posting TikTok videos.

  • Pinterest Creator Fund — an initiative that aims to inspire and foster the creative talent of underrepresented creators
  • Pinterest Creator Rewards — Pinterest pays users for creating original monthly Idea Pins in response to monthly goals set by Pinterest

Both of these programs demand authentic, original Pinterest content — which doesn’t include repurposed TikTok videos. If you plan to partake in either of these programs, then it’s best to avoid posting content from other social media platforms on Pinterest.

Should You Repurpose TikTok Content to Pinterest?

Ultimately, it’s possible, and sometimes beneficial, to repurpose TikTok videos to Pinterest. However, an appropriate strategy must be considered, and careful effort must be applied.

It’s not as simple as reposting a TikTok video to Pinterest. Instead, creators must take care to find the overlap between each platform’s audience, remove the watermark, and learn the culture of each platform.

Do you need a little bit of extra help? That’s where we come in. With an experienced Pinterest coach by your side, we can build a perfect Pinterest plan and strategy.

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