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Love Notes:

  • Jennifer Reitmeyer Jennifer Reitmeyer
    I had a great experience with Pinterest coaching with Laura. She gave me the opportunity to provide all my specific questions in advance, then we did a phone session to clarify what was most important to me to get out of my coaching investment. After that, she created a very comprehensive video training that was based on the questions I'd provided, so it completely addressed all of my needs! After the session and the video, I felt so much more comfortable using Pinterest for my specific business goals. (Laura was also kind enough to answer an urgent late-night question I had just prior to my launch, which was unexpected but so very appreciated!). I wouldn't hesitate to engage Laura again in the future!
  • Felicia Golden Grimes Felicia Golden Grimes
    I completely love how Laura Rike teaches. Actually, I am a college professor let me say Laura has what it takes to coach and train because she explains "techie concepts" into bite size pieces easy to follow and apply! Completely looking forward to learning how to market on Pinterest and utilize my Facebook Live videos on multiple platforms. You're totally awesome Laura!
  • Kristin Peterson Campbell Kristin Peterson Campbell
    I attended Laura Rike's Pinterest Bootcamp. She offered a lot of really great information, including walking through the recommended components and steps to set up a business account. She also explained the reasoning behind why certain recommendations are so important; whether it be for analytics or for gaining more followers, etc. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is currently on Pinterest or thinking of joining it for business purposes.

I’m a quirky, spunky, social butterfly that values open, honest relationships in all areas of my life. I am also a mother of two boys who are the center of everything I do!

I spent 5+ years expanding my VA business,and then I went rogue. I upleveled and narrowed down my business to focus only on what I loved and what I excelled at.

I created this business to help you succeed and show you how your business can have an impact on those you work with, no matter where you are at in life.

I Believe:


  • Wholeheartedly in giving back to local community and causes I believe in.
  • In Jesus and that animosity and conflict have no place in business.
  • That’s there’s enough air for everybody to breathe - I don’t feel like I have to worry about anyone else out there.
  • That there's no such thing as competition - there’s only mentors, mentees, collaboration opportunities, and friends.
  • I was put on this path to be able to show others how they can build their own successful empire without having to work a 9-5.
  • I was put in people's paths to help keep them motivated, because it’s hard as an entre/blogger - the entrepreneurial roller coaster is intense.
  • In the power of coming together with other entrepreneurs to talk, support, advise, etc.
  • Everybody in business deserves to feel successful and happy with what they’re doing and be respected in the online world.
  • In the power of Crossfit and healthy living (currently dairy free, wheat free, and gassy/acidic food free for my littlest man).