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The days of having only one or two options for sharing your newest recipe or killer workout are history. Following the success of Instagram Stories (and the rise of TikTok,) Pinterest launched its next big thing with Pinterest Stories called Pinterest Idea Pins.

Rolled out to a few influencers in September 2020, Pinterest Story Pins quickly caught on and were renamed Pinterest Idea Pins when they rolled out to all creators in May 2021. There are unlimited ideas for using Pinterest Idea Pins for your brand and making the most of this significant new update. Now you won’t have to ask how to get story pins on Pinterest –it’s now available for everyone.

How to use | pinterest idea pins | for your brand

The Story Behind Story Pins

Story Pins began as a new way for content creators on Pinterest to share their stories fresh. Building on the idea of Instagram Stories, which disappear in 24 hours, Idea Pins were intended to be long-lasting video features to bring more life to the platform, which has relied heavily on photos only.

Additionally, Idea Pins are designed for creators to find their audience in an engaged community. Pinterest is placing Idea Pins front and center by adding them to the top of Pinterests’ homepage. This highly engaging, scrollable entertainment is a perfect way for Pinterest creators to bring a new side to their brand.

What Are Idea Pins?

Simply put, Idea Pins are video tutorials of the content you’d generally find and post on Pinterest. This new feature allows for up to 20 pages of content and multi-draft features to help creators share consistently. Idea Pins include voiceovers, music selections, transition tools, editing features, detail pages for instructions, product listings, or ingredients.

Can Anyone Make Idea Pins?

Until mid-May 2021, Idea Pins were only available to a select number of beta testers. Many Pinners asked how to get story Pins on Pinterest! The company has now launched to Pinners in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Pinterest seems to be placing a priority on interactive video and has made space in the home feed, search, and the Today Tab to promote Pinners around the globe.

Are Pinterest Idea Pins Shoppable?

Right now, Pinterest has only experimented with adding product tagging and shoppable tags with Idea Pins. They recently announced a Creator Fund and other ways to help content creators monetize their ideas, so shoppable Idea Pins will likely be coming in the next few months.

Can Pinterest Idea Pins Be Shared?

Pinterest is made for sharing and sharing for a more extended period. Unlike other formats, Pinterest Idea Pins never disappear. They are added to the home feed, highlighted on creator profiles, and shared in searches. Idea Pins are just like legacy pins focused on photos only, but now are more engaging and interactive. The platform even lets creators export Story Pins to share on other platforms!

Can These Pins Be Competitive With Other Social Video Platforms?

I don’t believe Pinterest intends to be a competitor with the likes of Instagram or TikTok. While those platforms have their place in the marketing world, Pinterest is and always has been about inspiring users to learn and try new things, and video Story Pins are an extension of that. I envision Story Pins transforming Pinterest into more than a place to search –it will become a place to be.

How to Get Idea Pins on Pinterest

It’s important to remember that Pinterest Idea Pins are a work in progress, and although the feature has rolled out to several countries, you may not have access right away. To get this option, visit your Account Settings and then select Request Access to Story Pins. Pinterest advises watching your notifications for a response to your request within two days. You must also have a Pinterest business account to access.

A few weeks ago, the buzz was centered around “how do I get Story Pins on Pinterest?” Now, we’ve moved to how to reach our perfect audience with Story Pins! I love that Pinterest is working to innovate the platform and support creators like us who have built unique communities. I’m excited about the new Discovery Features that can boost all types of creators to the top of the feed.

Once you have access to Idea Pins, you’ll have a whole suite of new features at your fingertips to help you tell your unique story. If you’re stuck for ideas on where to start, here are a few of my favorite ideas:

  • Travel guide or tour
  • Behind the Scenes video
  • DIY tutorial
  • Product review
  • Showcase of your Tools of the Trade (paintbrushes, makeup, etc.)
  • Before and After
  • Shipment unboxing

The sky is the limit! Are you looking forward to trying them? Share your rockstar ideas with me by leaving a comment!

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