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Pinterest works as a visual search engine, seeing approximately 600 million visual searches every month, and the number is growing with tools like Lens. Search results appear based on keywords used for browsing, and optimized Pins will appear at the top of search results.

Understanding Pinterest SEO and making the most of Pinterest trends will help your content rank well, increase engagement, and boost conversions.

What is Pinterest SEO?

In most instances, search engine optimization (SEO) is used in reference to Google, where strategies are put in place to improve the organic ranking results of a web page.

Pinterest SEO works similarly, optimizing Pins to boost the organic visibility in search results.

Pinterest search results depend on a number of factors, such as domain quality, Pin quality, and topic relevance. Regarding the last point, this involves using relevant search terms to match user intent.

Pinterest searches

How to Find the Best Keywords for Pinterest

Every year, Pinterest releases an annual report that predicts the top trends that Pinterest users should consider for the following year. While these are just predictions, they have a track record of being highly accurate.

Pinterest trends example

Pinterest Trends is another useful tool that shows the top trends in each region. Study the related terms on the trend graph and identify any search terms that you haven’t previously considered.

Another effective way to find the best keywords on Pinterest is to initiate a campaign. Use the following steps to learn effective keywords to target.

  • Select the Ads dropdown and select Create Campaign
  • Under Drive consideration, select Consideration
  • Scroll down to Targeting details, and then Interests and keywords
  • Click Add keywords and under Extend your reach, type a relevant keyword
  • Pinterest will suggest additional terms to consider, as well as the number of monthly searches
  • Select + next to each keyword to add to a keyword list
Create a campaign to start pinterest seo research

Understanding Pinterest Categories

Pinterest categories allow users to organize their accounts and discover relevant content. As a platform, Pinterest uses categories to identify similar content based on feedback.

When creating a Pinterest business account, you can select categories of interest. Chosen categories will appear in your home feed. There are 33 categories on Pinterest, but it helps to stay abreast of the most popular categories.

Currently, these categories include travel, health and wellness, DIY, fashion, beauty, food and drink, and motivational quotes.

Trending pinterest searches right now

Within each category, there are more granular insights that offer additional details on niche content. These niche insights are referred to as interests.

Pinterest analytics screenshot

Use Audience Insights to discover the most popular categories and interests on Pinterest.

Pinterest keyword research

Consider the following questions when choosing the best category for you:

  • Who is your audience, and what are they searching for?
  • Which category appeals to your users?
  • Do your Pins fit within a specific category?

Selecting the correct categories will have a positive impact on your Pinterest search results. It helps target a high-intent audience, improves user experience, and builds an effective Pinterest strategy.

Using Pinterest Trends to Grow Pinterest Traffic

Pinterest trends are Pinterest keywords that have a high number of active searches on Pinterest. Use the Pinterest trends tool to discover relevant search terms and trends and apply these trends to your Pinterest content.  

  • Assess current trends — use Pinterest 100, Pinterest search trends, and Pinterest Trends to identify current trends
  • Select the most relevant trends — consider your niche and seasonal relevancy, and identify relevant trends that overlap
  • Document trends in a spreadsheet — make a note of each new content idea in a spreadsheet, creating new columns where relevant

When documenting trend ideas, make sure to note helpful details. For example, Pin URL, keyword search volume, keyword competition, blog category, and more.

How to Get Pins Noticed on Pinterest

Taking a few practical steps will have a positive impact on the overall Pinterest marketing strategy and the ranking for search terms.

For example, ensure you have a business account and optimize your public profile. Claim your website and study your target audience using a Pinterest Trends tool. Create Rich Pins and organize them on relevant, discoverable boards.

Pinterest search

Use the preferred format for Pinterest, experiment with video content, and make sure to Pin regularly. Make sure you meet your Pinterest users’ intent by using strategic keywords, pinning popular content based on trends, and applying Pinterest SEO.

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