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Since the digital revolution, more people are working online and finding jobs that allow them to work remotely. Virtual assistant services make a business owner’s life easier while providing convenient income for digital workers.

So, what is a virtual assistant (VA), and how can a VA help your brand? Perhaps you’re interested in pursuing work as a Pinterest virtual assistant yourself? Stay tuned as we dive into the details of Pinterest virtual assistant services.

What Is a Virtual Assistant?

A VA is an individual who provides administrative and digital services for a business. The working relationship can be on a contractor, freelancer, or employee basis, although VAs are normally self-employed individuals that hire their services to an external business.

In most instances, a VA works from the comfort and convenience of their home. All that’s required is high-speed internet, social media access, and the ability to stay in communication.

A Pinterest virtual assistant helps a business specifically with its Pinterest efforts, growing brand awareness, driving traffic, and creating content.

What Does a Pinterest Virtual Assistant Do?

A Pinterest virtual assistant is responsible for managing the Pinterest business account for someone else, whether it be a large business or a niche blogger. A VA offers various services that help grow a Pinterest profile and brand awareness.

For example:

  • Follow and implement Pinterest’s best practices, such as posting consistently and staying on top of Pinterest trends
  • Design Pinterest graphics to capture the audience’s attention
  • Perform Pinterest keyword research to rank in search results
  • Study Pinterest analytics to improve future efforts
  • Schedule Pin content for convenience
  • Manage Pinterest advertising for the best results

Benefits of Hiring a Pinterest VA

If you have a presence on Pinterest, hiring a Pinterest virtual assistant helps grow your audience and market effectively on the platform.

Consider the following benefits of hiring a Pinterest VA for your brand.

Improve Time Management

Make the most of your limited time by handing over Pinterest responsibilities to a trusted VA and freeing up your calendar to focus on other priorities. By trusting your Pinterest strategy with an experienced VA, you can shift your attention to other avenues of business growth.

Grow Your Business Authority and Profit

Pinterest marketing has proven results in growing brand authority among an audience, driving traffic to a website, and converting leads into paying customers. A VA will take charge of exposing your brand to potential customers on Pinterest while you focus on business growth outside of Pinterest.

Reduce Stress

Running a business can be demanding, and there are many moving parts to consider. Hiring a Pinterest VA reduces the stress and admin of managing a Pinterest account, giving you one less task to juggle.

Improve Pinterest Results

A qualified Pinterest VA will be familiar with the best strategies and how to use the Pinterest system to their benefit. For example, a VA improves Pinterest results by finding the best graphics, incorporating strategic keywords, presenting Pins as collections, and more.

Common Questions About Pinterest Virtual Assistants

Pinterest VAs are in demand! There are over 600 million blogs and 1.9 billion websites, meaning that there is a lot of opportunity for online efforts to earn traffic and money from Pinterest — with the help of a Pinterest virtual assistant.

If you’re considering building a Pinterest VA business, then the following points should nudge you in the right direction.

How to Become a Pinterest VA?

If you have experience in Pinterest, then you can start advertising your services to people in your network (and beyond). If you need to brush up on your skills, then there are several Pinterest VA learning materials and courses available online.

What Skills Do You Need to Become a Pinterest VA?

You must have an advanced understanding of Pinterest to be effective as a VA. As a visual search engine, Pinterest has many opportunities to leverage for optimal success. A Pinterest virtual assistant should be confident in the following skills:

  • Pinterest SEO
  • Pinterest Pin design
  • Creating Pinterest boards
  • Optimizing Pinterest profiles, Pins, and boards
  • Posting and scheduling Pins at convenient times
  • Understanding Pinterest analytics and applying insights
  • Creating a broad Pinterest marketing strategy

How Do Pinterest Virtual Assistants Make Money?

Pinterest VAs charge businesses a fee based on their skill and experience. Some offer packages, while others charge an hourly rate. The exact rate will vary depending on the scope of work and experience of the VA. Businesses can expect to pay between $15 to $75 per hour.

Are You Ready to Be a Virtual Assistant?

The first step to landing a job as a Pinterest virtual assistant is to advertise your available services. Consider joining Pinterest communities, sending outreach emails, asking for referrals, and following organic leads.

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