Pinning in Real-Time or Pinterest Scheduler: What gets better results?

Pinning in Real-Time or Scheduling?
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Do you need to be manually scheduling your pins or can you use a pinterest scheduler? Have you been hesitant to try a 3rd party scheduling platform like Tailwind because you’ve heard it will hurt your traffic? 

Using a scheduling tool can make your pinning so much easier, but if you’ve been nervous to try it out here’s some information to put your mind at ease. We’ll also be sharing what we discovered when we tested our own content pinning in real time vs. using a pinterest scheduler. 

Why use a Pinterest scheduler, anyway?

There are many reasons to use a Pinterest scheduler. One of the most important reasons is that it allows you to avoid scheduling pins manually. If you are tired of wasting time on this, then a scheduler will be very beneficial for your business.

Another great reason is that it helps you save money! It’s not hard to figure out how much time and energy you spend when doing manual pinning- now imagine if someone else did this for your business? You would have more time and energy left over for other tasks that need attention!

How to schedule Pinterest posts

Scheduled pinning is using a 3rd party pinterest scheduler platform like Hootsuite, Buffer, or Tailwind to share yours or others’ pins. Tailwind is the most popular scheduling tool and it allows you to have access to analytics, communities (formerly tribes), and other content that could interest your audience. 

Using any scheduling app cuts down on the amount of time you spend pinning and curating content and instead allows you to focus on creating the actual content.

People are using Pinterest as the primary research tool for things they want to buy (product or service), or researching a solution to a question they have. The problem is that most people don’t pin anything, and their boards get stale fast. By scheduling pins in advance, businesses can fill their boards with fresh content over time so stay top-of-mind for potential shoppers who may be considering buying it or another product from them.

The first step for any business looking into this strategy is figuring out what type of content will work best on its own board: Product images, blog posts about new products, customer reviews of current offerings, promotional offers like discounts codes or giveaways — these are all great ideas when coming up with a plan.

What Is Live/Manual Pinning?

What counts as manual Pinning aka live Pinning aka Real-time Pinning? 

It’s pinning from within the Pinterest app.  When you create your pins natively, it’s considered manual pinning. And it’s anytime you use the “Pin it” button on someone’s site to share something.  

Some people believe they get better traffic when they post manually, which could be from any number of variables. The downside to manual pinning is the amount of time it takes to consistently post and share enough content.

It’s true that Pinterest wants you to spend time on their app.  So spend your time doing the things you can only do on the Pinterest app like organizing your boards and making your profile easy to navigate. Prioritize your pins and put your best-performing pins at the top. 

Which One Gets Better Results – Real-Time Pinning or Scheduling? 

Pinterest will always prioritize beautiful, clear images with helpful, or inspirational content. If your pins are low quality, inconsistent, or not optimized correctly then Pinterest won’t show them to anyone, no matter how you’re publishing them. The most important thing, once you’ve created good pins is to test out which method has a positive effect on your traffic, whether that’s posting natively or with a scheduling tool.  And if a scheduling tool allows you to focus on creating great content for your niche then use it. 

We ran a test on our own content to see which performed better: real time or scheduling the pins with Pinterest approved schedulers. For our scheduler we used Tailwind and here’s what we found: 

Real Time vs. Pinterest Scheduler #1

how to schedule pins using pinterest native scheduler
publish at a later date option personal pinterest account vs business account comparison

Real Time vs. Pinterest Scheduler #2 

how to see scheduled pins on pinterest - learn how to schedule pins on pinterest for free
tailwind pinterest scheduling tool

Real Time vs. Pinterest Scheduler #3

free pinterest scheduler - this sneaky way will let you schedule pinterest pins for free
pinterest approved schedulers: scheduled pins in pinterest

In most cases, there was no difference at all in the impressions.  The thing that matters and makes an impact with Pinterest is that your graphics, description, and titles are optimized and appealing. 

I personally prefer to use Tailwind as my Pinterest scheduler because it offers several features tailored specifically for Pinterest that make it worth considering:

  • Tailwind can measure your audience engagement and its SmartSchedule suggests the best times to pin.
  • You can schedule Pins using a browser extension.
  • Collaborate with other Pinterest users via Tailwind Communities.
  • Create new ‘fresh’ pin designs fast and easy with Tailwind Create
  • There’s a free trial with no time limit. This caps the number of Pins you can schedule to 100.
  • And there are paid monthly or annual options. The paid option provides unlimited Pin scheduling.

Is there a way to schedule pins on Pinterest?

Yes you can schedule pins on pinterest, but there are limits. You can schedule pins up to two weeks in advance. You have the ability to choose one pin at a time and then add as many more that you want – so go nuts! If you make any changes, like choosing how long before your pin is published or deleted, it will affect all of the scheduled posts too so keep that in mind also.

  1. Log into your Pinterest business account(opens in a new window)
  2. Click Create at the top-left of your screen, then click Create Pin
  3. Select an image or video for your Pin and add a title, description and the destination link
  4. Select Publish at a later date and choose the day and time you’d like to publish your Pin
  5. Choose an existing board to save your Pin to from the drop-down menu, or select  Create board to create a new one
  6. Click Publish

How many pins can you schedule on pinterest?

You can only schedule one pin at a time (they do not offer batch scheduling), but you’re able to have up to 100 pins scheduled for the future.

How can I use Tailwind to increase my Pinterest traffic?

I’ve been asked a lot how many pins you should be pinning each day, but it really depends because there are so many variables to take into consideration. If you have written blog posts for five years and started your website just last year then chances are that the content on your site is limited compared to what someone who has had their account for ten years can offer. The important thing is not focusing too much on the number of pins per day; instead focus more about being consistent with your strategy every single day! This is where Tailwind comes in to play.

Tailwind is like having someone else do all the work for you. It finds your perfect audience on Pinterest and posts to it regularly so that there’s more time left in life to do other things! Here are a few of the ways Tailwind explodes your traffic possibilities:

  • Helps maintain a constant presence on Pinterest without manually Pinning all day.
  • Spaces out your Pins with intervals so they won’t appear spammy to Pinterest or annoy your followers, and better yet help you stay within best practices for ‘fresh’ content.
  • Pins at the best times for engagement according to your analytics and account.
  • Offers niche Tailwind Communities for another source of Pins to share.
  • Joins you with Community members who can share your content too.
  • “Loops” your Pins so they keep posting to Pinterest automatically

Does Tailwind really help grow Pinterest accounts?

Tailwind has made my life so much easier and helped me to grow. It’s saved all the time I would have spent manually pinning, which means I now have more time for other things in business like writing content or focusing on marketing campaigns.

And not only does it save you TIME – but if your goal is getting a lot of traffic from Pinterest (which mine was!) then Tailwind will make that happen too because they’re always optimizing when pins are posted with what works out best-they never miss an opportunity!

All of my clients & students in Pintastic Rockstars who use this tool also see huge growth themselves, all thanks to creating a fluid Pinterest marketing strategy utilizing Tailwind and all of its features.

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