How to take Pinterest traffic to the next level

How to take already huge traffic to the next level
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So you’ve got a good rhythm going for your Pinterest traffic but you’re ready to step it up. Where do you start? 

Now more than ever, your pins need to be high quality and appeal to your niche market. Here are my best tips for how to take your huge traffic to the next level – with client examples!

Does promoting on Pinterest work?

Pinterest is becoming more and more a pay to play platform. This means if you want pinners to see your posts then you need to promote your best pins.

Pinterest has a unique consumer audience which means that Pinterest is a great place to promote and run ads.  When you run ads, you can target those unique consumers, your exact target audience, and even people who follow you. 

98 percent of Pinners say they’ve tried new things they found on Pinterest, versus 71 percent on other social media platforms. And Pinners spend 29 percent more than non-Pinners, delivering an average of $2 in profit for every advertiser dollar. So promoting your pins to your audience gives you a great bang for your buck.

How do I get massive Pinterest traffic?

Pinners are attracted to graphics with a clear message. So the first step to getting traffic is to use your best graphics or videos with clear, helpful or inspirational content. 

Your caption needs to hook the reader and be keyword rich. You’ll want to give pinners just enough information to encourage them to click or visit your website for more. And if you create continuity with your pins so that the link, the caption and the image naturally flow – that’s even better!

Another area to focus on is your boards. Name your boards using appropriate keywords and the more specific the better. Think “Quick and Easy Weekday Meals” instead of “Recipes.” Use similar keywords in the captions of your pins so Pinterest knows how to categorize them and who should see them. 

Be sure to allocate time to making connections on Pinterest, just like you would on Instagram or Facebook! Comment on pins you like and be sure to share others pins that your audience resonate with.  Some of my best business pals are people I met on Pinterest!

One of our clients JoyfulHealthyEats by Krista Rollins has had incredible success with using Video on Pinterest. 

How long does it take to get Pinterest traffic?

From January – March 2020, Krista was not growing on Pinterest anymore.  She was actually starting to see a decline. In February, she received 113k referrals from Pinterest, which is a large amount of traffic but we wanted to see more. 

Pinterest traffic

Overall Pinterest Analytics

So in March 2020, we introduced a video pin strategy to her account.  Her traffic skyrocketed. 

How do I get massive Pinterest traffic?

In August, she received 234k clicks to her website, which is a 107% increase in traffic since February.

analytics for massive Pinterest traffic

How long does it take to get Pinterest traffic?

Sometimes a pin can go viral in just a few days and you’ll see a huge boost in traffic right away, but usually it takes a month or more. It took Krista about 6 months to double her traffic with video pins.

Unlike other platforms where your content needs to perform right away or it won’t ever be seen by anyone, Pinterest works similarly to Google and if your pin is set up with appropriate keywords, it can take off whenever the topic happens to be important to your niche.

So don’t get discouraged if you don’t see traffic right away.

A pin that has to do with back to school shopping can do well each time August and September rolls around. And Pins related to goal planning will get more traffic in December and January. 

If you create evergreen content that will always be popular with your audience, it will generate traffic year-round.

Looking for graphic templates that could help your content go viral?  These have been designed to save you time and increase your clicks.  They are more than just a pretty design; they are based on industry trends and analytics!

The templates are easily customizable and are sized perfectly to be optimized for increased visibility and conversions.  Just add a post title, your images, and colors of your choice.  No need to worry about creating FRESH Pinterest images again!

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