Black Friday Ad Ideas for Pinterest

Black Friday Ad Ideas for Pinterest
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While Black Friday is a highly anticipated day for consumers looking for a deal, it also presents a lucrative opportunity for businesses to increase revenue and expand their customer base. To make the most of the opportunity, businesses must put together a Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) marketing strategy.

As an experienced Pinterest strategist, I’ve suggested a few effective Pinterest ad ideas for your marketing campaign.  

What is Black Friday Marketing?

Black Friday is celebrated the Friday after Thanksgiving and traditionally marks the start of the Christmas shopping season. Retailers offer massively reduced prices on their products and extend their opening hours.

Cyber Monday falls on the following Monday and follows the same principle as Black Friday, focusing on e-commerce brands. As online shopping has evolved in popularity, Black Friday is celebrated by online brands as well and supported by half of all shoppers who intentionally look for Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) deals.

Businesses that sell products and services take advantage of this occasion to put their offerings front of mind.

Pinterest is an effective marketing tool for Black Friday campaigns. From the use of relevant hashtags and enticing product descriptions to collective boards and Pinterest advertising — Pinterest goes hand-in-hand with email marketing campaigns and social media marketing efforts to promote Black Friday deals.  

Black Friday Ad Ideas for Pinterest that Convert

Let’s explore a few marketing campaign ideas that can be pushed on Pinterest to drive Black Friday sales.

Assemble a gift collection or bundle deal

Create a gift guide or bundle deal by grouping products or services that work well together. Use product tags to create a featured collection on a Pinterest board and write a blog post that features a list of recommended products. Not only are you offering customers a bundle discount, but you are also helping them with great gift ideas.

Build a landing page for Black Friday

Pinterest is an effective platform to drive traffic to your website. Make the most of the opportunity by building a landing page specifically for Black Friday deals. For SEO purposes, it’s best to keep this page active throughout the year and use social media to push consumers to this page around Black Friday.

Top tip: Take advantage of the landing page by adding a subscribe button and encourage consumers to follow you on various social media channels.

Create a sneak peek

Hook your audience by offering a sneak peek of the products that will be available ahead of time. These leading products will entice consumers and encourage them to come back when the deal is live.

Consider the following strategies for sharing a sneak peek;

  • Add products to a newsletter
  • Promote products on social media, including Pinterest
  • Add pop-ups on your website
  • Allow consumers to add products to their “wish list”

Offer an exclusive early-bird discount

Capitalize on eager shoppers by offering a special deal for early purchases. Securing customers before Black Friday keeps you ahead of the competition and ensures that your customers don’t overspend their budget before they buy your products.  

Use your email list or social media platforms to hook early shoppers and use urgent phrases such as “limited offer.”

Share a Black Friday countdown promo video

Once you’ve secured the attention of your audience, you can build anticipation by sharing a countdown video on various social media channels and on your website. Ensure that you release the promo video in advance and that your discounted products are featured.

Create an exclusive Black Friday deal

Use the tactic of scarcity and value when creating a post exclusively for Black Friday. Whether you’re offering free gifts, large discounts, or using coupon codes — make sure that the post includes all the necessary information and has a strong call to action.

Top tip: Don’t forget to include relevant Black Friday and Cyber Monday hashtags!

Black Friday Marketing FAQs

Do you still have a few questions? Let’s see if I can help.

Which platforms should my small business advertise on?

When it comes to Black Friday, the more platforms, the better! Take advantage of your existing social media platforms, create a Black Friday email marketing campaign, and build a website landing page for Black Friday and print posters. Consider where your target audience spends their time, and make sure that you create a presence there.

When should I start my Black Friday marketing campaign?

Research shows that 61% of shoppers start searching for deals in the days leading up to Black Friday weekend. If you want to stay ahead of your competition, then you should start promoting your Black Friday offers a week before the day — and prepare your content and strategy before that!

Does Black Friday help small businesses?

Major retailers can afford to slash their prices and offer major discounts for Black Friday, but small businesses need to be more strategic to avoid burnout. When done correctly, small businesses can ride the hype of Black Friday, draw in customers, clear shelves and boost brand awareness.

Make the Most of Pinterest Marketing for Black Friday

By hiring a Pinterest business consultant and using conversion optimization strategies, small and big businesses alike can benefit from Pinterest when pushing Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

Get in touch today and discover how we can help boost your e-commerce brand using Pinterest!

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