How To Dominate Pinterest And Generate Real Estate Leads

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Did you know that Pinterest is one of the fastest-growing lead-generation platforms, yet it is still very underutilized by real estate companies? Nearly 80% of millennials use Pinterest to help them to decide what to buy.  Pinterest now has well over 335 million monthly active users, with over 80% of them using it on mobile devices. You want to dominate Pinterest to generate your real estate leads! Go for it!

When people start to plan something new in their lives, Pinterest is also an ideal location to find ideas and put them into one spot to contemplate their futures. This is where you, a potential real estate agent, can come in and influence their ideas. You become the source of the things they want in their first or next home. 

How does Pinterest generate real estate leads?

You want to establish yourself as an authority in your area. That is why pins about everything related to the area, especially real estate, are important. Your pins prove your knowledge. They reveal the local economy, the local fun, the local red pandas at the Eureka Zoo, and otters swimming around the plexiglass tube with your child in it. Pin those otters and pandas!

Local real estate keywords are important. Do you specialize in homes that can be rented out to university students? How about fixer-uppers? Houses bordering golf courses or near the local high schools? Homes overlooking the ocean? Pinterest them!

One thing people want to know when they move into an area is this: What is there, there, for me? For example, people who are thinking about moving to Eureka, California, may want to gather pictures of things interesting about Eureka. It is their visual search engine, in which they dump pictures about things that interest them.

A real estate agent in Eureka will pin things of interest in Eureka. The Sequoia Park Garden has some wonderful pictures. Pin some! The Pink Lady and the Carson Mansion are classic Victorian homes. Photos of both of them are very common in photographs. How about the idyllic Eureka Harbor? There fishing boats with crab traps onboard abound. Nearby Trinidad and Patrick’s Point are wonderful destinations. But none of them beat the majestic redwood tree forests, boasting the tallest trees in the world! Pinterest those locations, intermingled with your real estate options.

Pin often to keep an audience coming back. Dominate their Pinterest experience! Make your feed one that will draw people back time after time. Some of the most successful real estate agents will pin several times a day. As you travel through your neighborhood, take pictures of anything that might interest potential buyers of your homes. Pin them! The Pinterest app on your phone makes updating your board just a few minutes.

The homes you are offering make great pins, especially if they have anything unique about them. Is your area pet friendly? How are the local schools for those with children? Both Oldtown Eureka and Ferndale just down the road are loaded with fascinating shops. Appeal to Millennials with the hip area of the Arcata Plaza near Humboldt State University.

How do I market my real estate on Pinterest?

What you can pin is up to your imagination. What attracts attention to your home feed is most important. Topic selections are important, but they can vary as much as the area you live in and the differences in the types of homes you sell.

You can create various topic boards for your real estate offerings. For example, a topic may be Bedroom Ideas. Pictures related to bedrooms offered by your company can be pictured. Have you seen any very interesting Home Décor? Eureka is well known as a Travel destination, surrounded by many interesting, inexpensive tourist attractions. Gardening, Backyard Ideas, and Gardening Design is especially interesting in Humboldt County. Home Renovation ideas abound here with both homes over a hundred years old, as well as lots of newer homes. Architecture here is fascinating, with old Victorians and modern university facilities. You can also find lots of interesting DIY Home Décor ideas in the homes you market.

What is the best lead generation for real estate?

You! You’re the best lead generator for real estate. Believe in yourself and work hard. Get Pinterest working for you! Create links for the homes you are listing and put them in Pinterest!

In Eureka, the seat of Humboldt County and with a seaport, most of the homes are older homes, so a Pinterest board on how to renovate a house would be wonderful. Before and after pictures of kitchen remodels would fascinate some people.

Many of the homes have redwood trees in their yards, and deer walking across the roads. How many cities have those? Do you have pins of signs warning drivers to beware of elk? Historic Ferndale is nearby, where several major movies have been filmed.

Set up a Pinterest Board Ideas to Generate Seller Leads. You want people to go to your Pinterest boards to find out how to add value to the home they want to sell. How should they sell their home? Let them know who comes to you when they want to purchase a home. Dominate the market!

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