What You Shouldn’t Be Doing on Twitter — That You Are!

Twitter Mistakes you're unconsciously doing
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Wait…you can make mistakes on Twitter?

Sometime when I’m online, I notice little things that really bug me. Maybe its the fact that I work in social media full time, but I’m honestly surprised at the little mistakes I see each day. They may not seem like a big deal, but in the business world they can really make all the difference.

So, where do we begin? How to we fix these little mistakes? This week, I wanted to talk specifically about Twitter to let you know a big tip that will help you connect more and get the traffic you’ve been working toward.

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I’m sure you’ve seen people re-tweeting, replying and liking your posts on Twitter. The thing is, a lot of people don’t understand how powerful those little tools can be. Part of what makes Twitter so wonderful is that you get to connect with people from around the world that you otherwise wouldn’t. I find that a lot of companies start a Twitter profile and then hope for the best. If this is your social media tactic, you need to think seriously about what you want out of your business.

Even if you aren’t the biggest fan of social media, you have to understand that it is a huge part of your company’s success in the business world. So, with these free social media tools available to you, there is really no reason not to use them properly. When it comes to Twitter, the re-tweeting, replying and liking are a bigger deal than you probably realize. People appreciate those who actively connect with them and they will absolutely take notice when they see you also posting relevant information. You should look at Twitter as a way to network in an informal setting.


The more you engage with others, share their thoughts, reply to them and like what they are saying, the more they will support you.


It may seem obvious but you’d be surprised by the number of people who don’t use Twitter to its full potential. Although its just a social media platform, it really is a big deal in the business world and a fantastic marketing tool. Don’t be silly, use these free advertising and networking tools to your advantage. Don’t let your Twitter profile just sit there. Be the person in your chosen field who shares relevant information and supports others. That’s the kind of business you want to have and those are the kind of people other’s look up to.

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