8 Pinterest Tips And Tricks For Business

8 pinterest tips and tricks for business
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Effective online marketing is a crucial step in almost any goal you have for your business. It can help you reach a wider audience, build a brand, and develop a communicative relationship that enhances trust between you and the customers or clients you work with. Utilizing the right marketing channels is vital and ensures that you are getting to the right audience. For many businesses large and small, using Pinterest for business is a highly effective tool.

As you’re considering utilizing this platform, one of the first things you may wonder is how to maximize Pinterest for business. These Pinterest tips and tricks for business can help you reach more people with your content, allowing you to grow and expand your business in the ways you dream.

Know Your Strategy

Pinterest, much like any online platform, can be used to reach a variety of goals. How you use it may differ based on your personal and business goals. To that end, it’s crucial to plan out your strategy before you jump into action. Aside from gaining a following on Pinterest, you should figure out whether you want to drive traffic to your site, drive sales for individual products, get more people signing up for your events, or something completely different. Knowing your goals allows you to maximize Pinterest for your business needs.

As you’re planning out your strategy of how to maximize Pinterest for business, make sure to set SMART goals:




Realistic (or Relevant)

Trackable (or Time-bound)

Setting goals in this way allows you to properly plan your strategy and know exactly what you’re working to achieve. 

8 pinterest tips and tricks for business

Sharpen Up Your Profile

A lot of people getting into Pinterest jump straight into pinning images, which is both fun and beneficial. However, when using Pinterest for business you should make sure that your profile is looking great. Users are likely to click on your profile and see what you have to offer. In fact, your profile can affect whether or not someone wants to buy from you or work with your business.

In fact, brushing up on your profile is one of the most important Pinterest tips and tricks for the business you’ll come across. You should ensure that you have your logo as the profile picture, optimizing it to match the Pinterest image size guidelines. Don’t forget to spend some time finding a great and engaging cover photo. The cover photo could be your business, products, or anything else that represents your business. Make sure to write a description that is flattering and accurate to the brand. You can include a few of the most relevant keywords in your description, as well.

Set Crucial Standards For The Content That You Pin

Your Pinterest account is made up of boards and each board is designed to cover a specific topic. Once you have these boards, you will pin images to them to organize and hold your content. It’s important to follow some basic standards for your pins, to help them perform well.

High image and video quality are key. In general, the better the quality, the more users are going to engage with your pin. On top of this, vertical imagery tends to perform better than horizontal, as there are a vast number of users on Pinterest through mobile devices. 

Another standard you’ll want to set for your pins is offering a detailed copy in the description. The more detailed information you can include, the more likely you are to actively engage users. Not to mention, when using Pinterest for business you can include your keywords in the description to help improve your results in searches.

Be Specific With Links

Pinned images on Pinterest are there to be clicked on. Sometimes you will see images pinned that simply link to the full version of the pinned content. While this can be beneficial, it’s important to make sure that your pins are linking back to your site, and more specifically to the page that you want users to see on your site. For example, you could link an image of your product to a landing page or to the actual product page for that item. Take the time to carefully consider the link you use for each piece of content you pin.

Keywords Matter Here, Too

If you’ve spent any time on search engine optimization or website optimization, then you already know how vital keywords are. Keywords are the search term phrases that allow your audience to find your images. 

Keywords can be used throughout your Pinterest account. You can use keywords in the titles of your Pinterest boards, as well as in your board descriptions and your pin descriptions. While it can be tempting to use only the same few keywords over and over, make sure that you are using relevant keywords to the content that you’re pinning. In some cases, it’s a good idea to branch out a little. Consider aiming for long-tail keywords, which tend to be more specific and detailed than one or two-word phrases. 

Take Advantage Of Informational Content

Your Pinterest images shouldn’t all be photographs. One of the most effective trends dominating the space at the moment is that of instructional, informational, and educational content. How-to’s, DIYs, and tips on various subjects (preferably those related to your business) can help you bring in a lot more users. Consider using the infographic approach to presenting your content using simple imagery, easily ready steps, and clear formatting to present the information in a much more visually engaging and easy-to-follow manner.

Experiment With Different Formats For Different Kinds Of Content

Pinterest allows you to pin different kinds of content using different formats. It doesn’t all have to be images or photos. Pinning videos can be great for product promotion or for sharing news on events and announcements, for example. If you’re releasing a line-up of different products or taking multiple photos of a single subject, you can use the carousel format to make it easy for users to browse through them quickly. For informational content, you can use infographics, as mentioned above, or you can pin step-by-step images to make the content much easier to digest.

The Timing Of Your Posts Matter A Lot

Timing is an important piece of how to maximize Pinterest for business. Keep in mind that seasonal and moment-specific content tends to do a lot better on Pinterest than on other platforms. You should also think about the hours that your target audience is going to be the most active on the platform. If you schedule content to be posted when your target audience is online, they are more likely to see it amongst the new pins relevant to their interests.

Follow These Pinterest Tips And Tricks For Business

Using Pinterest for business can connect you to a wide world of potential customers and clients. The relationships that you forge and the brand that you build can help you shape a much brighter future for your business. 

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