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As a visual search engine, Pinterest is the perfect platform for artists to market and sell their work. Some artists even use Pinterest to showcase their creative process and strengthen their relationship with their audience.

Let’s explore the benefits of using Pinterest as an artist and how to find success on the platform.

Why Should Artists Use Pinterest?

Pinterest offers a platform to showcase art in various forms, offering artists multiple benefits, including the following:

  • Free and simple to set up
  • No limitations on the number of Pins
  • Great source for artistic inspiration
  • Showcase artwork to a wide audience
  • Attract buyers
  • Connect with fellow artists and enthusiastic fans

How Do Artists Use Pinterest?

As a visual platform, Pinterest helps creators promote their work while driving traffic to their websites. Pinterest also helps artists connect with their audience by sharing insight into behind-the-scenes processes.

While Pinterest may not be your largest sales funnel, it’s worth including in your digital marketing strategy as a creative professional. Not only will the visual platform push your own creative limits, but it also boosts brand awareness and drives traffic to your online gallery (or shop).

Pinterest Help and Best Practices for Artists

If you’re an artist investing in digital marketing strategies to increase online art sales, the following Pinterest tips will boost results.

Create a Dedicated Pinterest Board

Create a Pinterest board exclusively for your own content to help Pinterest users recognize your content and style. Organize your content carefully so that users can repin your content and understand which Pins are related to one another. Consider organizing your Pinterest boards by medium, style, theme, color, and exhibition.

Join Pinterest Group Boards

Group boards allow multiple collaborators to post content to a specific board. Joining group boards help artists grow their accounts as content is constantly being shared and circulated, broadening exposure.

Be Active

While Pinterest Pins have a longer lifespan than other social media platforms, you still need to remain active. Constantly pin and repin your own content to group boards and your own boards.

Use a Pin Scheduler

A Pinterest scheduling tool removes the admin of posting to Pinterest regularly by streamlining the process and growing your Pinterest account with ease.

Design Pins That Compliment Your Work

After putting your heart and soul into your art, it’s important to ensure that your Pin does your art justice. Learn basic graphic design skills or explore Pin design packages to produce attractive and on-brand Pins.

Managing Concerns About Copyright on Pinterest

Pinterest encourages users to re-pin and shares content, which may cause concern among artists. Take precautionary measures to put your mind at ease and help you to pin your content confidently without copyright concerns.

First, put your logo on all images so when people share the image, your brand is recognized.

Second, watermark the edge of your images without disrupting the visual impact. Adding a watermark will prevent people from copying and sharing your work as their own.

FAQs About Selling Art on Pinterest

Joining a new platform and showcasing your work can be an intimidating process. Hopefully, these points will add to your confidence when using Pinterest.

Can You Sell Art and Products on Pinterest?

Pinterest is a powerful visual platform that artists and shop owners use to market their work and drive traffic to an online shop. Different Pins are used for various strategies, but all provide an opportunity to link to an external website.

What Crafts Can You Sell on Pinterest?

It’s not only painters and sketch artists that benefit from Pinterest. Any visual craft can be sold on the platform, from pottery and embroidery to leatherwork, glass art, and more.

How to Review Your Pin Statistics

All of your Pin’s performance metrics can be viewed in Pinterest analytics. The only prerequisite is that your account is a business account. You can also claim your website to see statistics for Pins created by others from your website.

Tips to Sell Art on Pinterest

Pinterest benefits artists in many different ways. Make the most of the platform’s opportunities by keeping the following tips in mind.

  • Convert your Pinterest profile to a business account to access analytics
  • Use Pinterest analytics tools for insights into performance
  • Put a “Pin It” button on your blog to encourage shares
  • Enable Rich Pins to provide additional information on your work
  • Be consistent and post regularly
  • Practice patience to see results
  • Plan ahead and use a scheduling tool
  • Be strategic with using Pinterest boards
  • Consider adding prices to your work to include your Pins in the “gift” section of Pinterest

If you’re wondering where to sell your art online, consider Pinterest as a powerful option.

Promote your art on Pinterest, connect with other creatives, and drive traffic to your online gallery. If you need help with your Pinterest strategy, get in touch today and find out how we can help.

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