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As a rogue Pinterest Powerhouse, I love numbers, stats, and celebrating wins! So, I’m pulling the curtain back to show you the exact numbers we hit for our clients in August 2021. 

We have a client that sells wine and liquor across the US. Typically, for eCommerce sellers on Pinterest, there is a primary focus on the product. However, we’re thinking outside of the box for this one eCommerce client.

In addition to creating beautiful pins linked to delicious wines, liquors, and spirits, we target previously unreachable audiences by creating boards and Idea Pins focused on what pinners can make WITH the products they would buy from this client. 

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For example, rather than focus on selling someone a bottle of grain alcohol and vodka, we show them how to make Apple Pie Moonshine. This positions this eCommerce seller to attract pinners searching for cocktail recipes, fall recipes, apple recipes, and so on. 

Why does this work on Pinterest? Pinners come to Pinterest for planning and inspiration. They don’t usually visit the platform to purchase something on the spot. However, by thinking outside of the box, we can build brand awareness around their business and build an audience for them on Pinterest who may later become customers. 

wine, liquor, eCommerce

Maybe some of you are already on Pinterest but not sure of the actual possibilities of the platform. Or you are just starting and need some motivation to see the potential of the platform. Either way, my team can help!  We thrive on assisting brands to become highly visible on Pinterest and massively convert. 

For Organic August 2021:

Monthly Views: 40,802,073

Impressions: 52,017,572

Saves: 10,703,511

Clicks: 296,782

wine, liquor, eCommerce

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