Everything You Need To Know About Pinterest Image Sizes

Everything You Need To Know About Pinterest Image Sizes
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Pinterest is an image based social media platform and search engine. When scrolling through the feed, the first thing Pinners notice are the beautiful images that will hopefully encourage them to buy your products. But in order to have your images show up in the first place, they need to be sized correctly. 

Here’s everything you need to know about sizing your images for Pinterest.

What Does Aspect Ratio Mean?

All social media platforms have an optimal size and aspect ratio. This is the best size for the image to be. If creating images is new to you, then you’re probably unfamiliar with what those terms mean.

Image sizing is how many pixels wide and how many pixels tall your image can be. Pixels are the measurements used for images on a screen. So if Pinterest says your image should be 1000 x1500px they mean it should be 1000 pixels wide by 1500 pixels high.

Pinterest Pin Images Ratio

An aspect ratio is the ratio of how wide the image can be compared to how tall it can be. Pinterest has an ideal image aspect ratio of 2:3. Every image should be a third taller than it is wider. For example if your image is 1260 pixels long, it can’t be higher than 840 pixels. Your image should be 840 x 1260px and the ratio is 2:3, width:height.

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What Size Should a Pinterest Image Be?

As mentioned before, Pinterest prefers vertical pins with a 2:3 ratio. 

The optimal image dimension is 1000×1500 px pixels. Photo sizes should be a minimum of 600 x 900. Remember your images need to be as high quality as possible, not blurry and pixelated.

Story pins, which are now called Idea Pins should have a ratio of 9:16.

If you want to create a long Pin, the best size is 1000 x 2100 px with a Pinterest Pin ratio of 1:2.1. To help your pin’s performance, keep all your text in the center so pinners can read it even though the pin is truncated.

The ratio for square images is 1:1 and 1000 x1000px. This image size isn’t recommended but if you’re sharing an image from Instagram or Facebook and you can’t resize it, that’s okay.

How to Resize Images for Pinterest

For many years the gold standard image size for Pinterest was the ultra long Pinterest image. 

But in 2018 Pinterest said that although a 2:3 image ratio was still ideal, anything higher than 1260 pixels would be truncated.  This means a pinner would need to click on an image to see the whole thing. Not only that, images that were too long would not be shown as regularly on the smart feed.

If you have Pinterest images on your website through WordPress, you can edit them very easily directly in WordPress. 

  • Click on the image and edit the “dimensions” in the “original image” settings. 
  • Choose 1260 pixels for the height and then save and pin the corrected image. 
  • If the ratio of your image is incorrect and isn’t a 2:3 image, then edit the “aspect ratio” settings of the image and then save and pin the new image.
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Why are Pinterest images blurry some times?

When someone pins from your website, the pin they are saving is a lot smaller than the pin you created. Smaller images on Pinterest appear blurry because Pinterest tries to fill the space and expand the image.

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