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On Pinterest, the more ideas you find and save to your boards, the more ideas you have to try in real life. But if you’ve saved hundreds of ideas to a single board, it can be hard to find what you’re looking for.

That’s why Pinterest is providing you a new way to organize your ideas! Check out this cool feature below:

So one of the things that I will quickly start with is you’ll see up at the top, that big cover photo that’s tiled with a bunch of different pins that I get a lot of questions on. That’s actually something I did not create.


And you can see on here it says Laura Rike calm I have the description. If I wanted, I could add a section. And I could title it something like maybe Pinterest and then I could add any pins to that that are Pinterest, I could add another section and I can do repurposing and add any that are repurposing and then it just kind of

organizes it a little nicer for you. So you can create a new pin or you can move pins into this section. So if I wanted to like this as a Pinterest marketing, I can click Edit here on this pin and then now choose the Pinterest section. And so not only is it in my main pin section, but it’ll populate up here as well. You don’t have to do sections. If you don’t want to

A new way to organize your ideas on pinterest | learn more

It depends on your strategy and what you want people to find. Pinterest is one of the most popular things that people know me for. repurposing, I would say is the second. So repurposing your content automatically so that you can spend more time on things that matter, like interaction and stuff on social. So that’s just a quick way to organize it. But the new thing that they’re coming out with right here is you’ll see right above my profile image on the board they have organized. So if you click organize on the top, you can select pins, you can move them around, you can delete them, you can copy them, you can do whatever you want. So like I have these pins that we are slowly starting to remove because they’re not the normal 600 by 900 or 735 by 1100 size.

So I could just click Delete here, if I wanted, you can also click copy and select another board that you want them to go to. You can also then click move, and it will put these pins right here and then you can move them wherever you want to move them. So again, going back to this section area if I clicked on let’s do how to grow with Pinterest. And then I have another Pinterest one here. And then we’ve got this Pinterest one and this one. And what we can do is just go move. And then we have the Pinterest section under the current board I’m on so I can click Save.

And now they have automatically been moved. Say you really That your scheduler tailwind is now scheduling the wrong pin to the wrong board, you set it up automatically. And you had it set up so that over the next two months, it’s going out, you know, once every five days, or something like that, however your strategy falls, but you’re realizing that it went to the wrong board. Now this is a super easy way you just click organize. And then you can tap on all of those pins that went to the wrong board and just move them to the right board. So this is a really cool way to kind of reorganize your boards and make sure that they are up to par with your strategy.

So that’s a really I mean, it’s, it’s simple. There’s not a lot that you can do with it, but it’s very powerful. One of the things that I will say is when you look at your boards, if you’re just realizing one of these don’t fit with your brand anymore, do not delete that board, because you’re actually deleting followers. So there are other ways and other strategies that you can use to make that board quote unquote, disappear. Or you can

move that board or have it actually rebranded so that it matches with what you want for your brand and your company. Oh, barbecue and pool day all day. That’s awesome. Joanna. That kind of sounds like us. We didn’t have the pool. We had the lake but per

It was perfect weather.

Glad to see that you and your family were able to get out and enjoy some time together. So, um, all right, my friends, it was super simple that I mean, quick little tip

to move things around and be able to organize a little bit better is what I’ve got for you this morning. One thing that I will also mention is as of this morning, I opened up 10 more spots on Friday and Tuesday. So tomorrow and Tuesday for anybody that is looking to up their strategy game. Maybe hasn’t pulled the trigger on purchasing a course yet for Pinterest, but really knows that Pinterest can help drive traffic where they need it. So if you look in the title of this blog post, there is a link there to

Schedule a strategy session with me it is a 45 minute strategy recorded phone call. I will also do a screen share so we can go specifically over your account. I have a questionnaire that I’ll have you fill out in the beginning so that I can make sure I’m understanding your brand right away. And we can hop on that. Yes, now it’s back to work Joanna, Me too. Me too.

I will help write your profile name and your bio so that you can get those scroll stopping and attention getting key terms in there. And then I have 66 different tips and strategies that I have started to implement on my account with all the changes. There’s probably more in there but 66 is probably about the cap that will get in 45 minutes. And so I will provide you with that list of strategies and go over them to make sure you understand them and how to implement them for your specific brand in your business. To make sure you’re getting the most out of Pinterest.

In the traffic that it can provide you.

Pinterest isn’t just a traffic provider, you can schedule strategy sessions. You can schedule schedule coaching calls or discovery calls. You can do affiliate sales. There is so much you can do with Pinterest you guys, you don’t have to have a blog to be on Pinterest and make money. So if this is something that interests you, but you haven’t pulled the trigger on purchasing my course or someone else’s course on Pinterest, this would be a great way to work with me one on one to learn everything that you can in 45 minutes to make the most of your time and money on this platform. Alright guys, well it as Joanna said it is back to work. I got to get back to it and start answering some emails. But if you have any questions about this new feature on how to organize your boards, please don’t hesitate to type it in the comments below and I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week.

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