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I wanted to talk about Pinterest and the mindset revolving it. So we have had a ton of questions come in lately. One of the big questions that people had during this Pinterest course launch is what is Pinterest? Is it a social media platform or not? And so what I wanted to cover today is your mindset about thinking about what Pinterest is.


Pinterest is NOT a social media platform.

I don’t want you to think of it or like Facebook or Twitter, or any of those other social media platforms. It is not a social media platform. So and you may have heard people say that before, but then been like, Okay, so what is it? What is Pinterest them? Well, you first need to think about how Pinterest works. So Pinterest works like a search engine. It is basically human tendency to collect stuff.

How is Pinterest different from other social media?

I’m not in the sense of hoarding or anything like that, but you like to collect things, you like to see things. So therefore you will pin things. Now in terms of business, people go to Pinterest like they would for Google. So they may go to Pinterest because they want to know a recipe or they may go to Pinterest because they want to know how to create a certain ebook or whatever it is that they’re searching for.

Nine times out of ten they’re going to be on Pinterest before they’re going to be on Google. So you need to think of it like a search engine, you need to be able to shift your mind and think this is not a social platform where I start conversation and engage with people.

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What makes Pinterest unique?

This is a platform where I need to be crystal clear on my keywords and my descriptions and my titles when I’m posting on this platform because if you have those three things right away from the beginning, then it’s going to in the long term, better help your marketing on Pinterest. So I’m Pinterest basically, is what I want to tell people is similar to Google but in image searches, so you need to think about it with your keywords but also on the images as well.

So when we’re shifting our mindset and we’re not thinking about I’m pretty pictures of the food I cook today, or the roast that I just put in the oven and prepped for the day. You need to think about it in terms of Yes, a clear good image will capture attention, but what terms put as a title on that image that will help in your searches.

So, if you struggle with figuring out longtail keywords, or keywords of any type for your business, comment below and let me know because I’m I would love to do a training just a very basic training to help you guys. Figure out keywords that will beat you found live with my pots and pans on the floor beneath my feet here. So if you can’t hear him or if you can hear him that’s what’s going on.

You got to think about it just like you do with anything else comes your website or blogging or things like that. So when you make that mind shift and you do that, then your pins will get put to the top of search engines on Pinterest because if someone types in, for example, if someone types in, say you are a health coach, and someone typed in healthy pump roast recipe Peace or something like that maybe paleo pot roast recipes that’s on my brain. That’s what we got cooking in the oven. Now, tonight’s dinner, but if you put paleo pot roast recipe on your title of the image, and then a nice description of what’s included in that recipe, what they’re going to need maybe why they care, is it a quick 20 minute prep, 10 minute cook, something like that. And then when you have that in there, to Pinterest, just like they do Google, your pins going to be pulled up at the job, because they’re going to be able to see that when they search, say hi.

What is Pinterest mostly used for?

So make sure that that is what you are thinking of. Pinterest isn’t going to be social. You’re not going to be doing tons of comments and interact. You’re not only Working on starting conversations. You don’t like Twitter to post the same post multiple times throughout the week is going to work for you if you do it the right way, but you have to shift that mindset.

So that’s what I got for you guys today. Again, if you want to join that free course type course in the comments below, I will get you the link. And then if you have any questions about your profile, or if you just want me to look it over and give you any suggestions I have also put your profile link in the comments below we can follow each other.

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