What are Rich Pins & how to Set up Rich Pins

Rich Pins for Pinterest - How and Why to use them for your business.
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Pinterest Rich Pins have been available for some time – but are you using them?

When someone clicks the Rich Pin – not just the bold headline, but a little push to follow the “Rich Pinner!” It seriously can double your traffic in a matter of months just by making sure you have this option set up within your profile.

How to create rich pins on pinterest

Rich pins help add details from your website and add more information. They provide more context about a certain idea by providing extra information directly on the Pin. There are various types of Rich Pins.

They include:

  • Recipe
  • Product
  • App
  • Article
  • Movie
  • Place

Rich Pins usually work by giving pinners a more expensive experience, showing metadata on the Pin directly and therefore increasing engagement. The information in Rich Pin is self-standing of the Pin description, making sure that vital information is always connected to the Pin.

Rich pins display metadata from marked up pages on your website. Once you have applied for a Rich Pin, any information or content on your website with metadata will automatically change to Rich Pin when a user saves it.

How to Set Up Rich Pins for WordPress

Rich Pins are easy to set up. This can be done in three quick steps.

  1. You need to, first of all, add metadata tags on your content’s site. If you are lucky to have Yoast Plugin can add these for you.
  2. Go to the Rich Pin Validator on Pinterest and add a link to any blog post and click Validate.
  3. When you get a message that tells you that your Pin has been validated, click on ‘apply now’ and you will see a pop with your website’s domain and the HTML tags you had selected and click ‘apply’ once more and you are all set.

After applying, you will need to wait for some few days for your application to be approved. Once it has been approved, your Rich Pins will show your website name and icon.

Instructions for pin type

When you apply for Rich pins, ensure you mark your website accordingly.  Ensure that you mark according to the most applicable pin type. For example, if you have both recipes and articles, add the mark up for Recipe Pins and article Pins.

How to add Rich Pins on your Shopify site:
*This is only for a page that has a ‘buy’ or ‘add to shop’ option.

  1. Go to your Shopify site and select a product URL.
  2. Copy and paste the product URL into the Rich Pin Validator and add .eombed at the end of your product URL.
  3. Click on ‘validate’
  4. When the preview shows up, click on ‘apply’. Remember you only need to apply with one product URL from the site.
  5. Once approved you will see the product Pins become Rich Pins. This should take about 24 hours.

The benefits all of this and how to use the rich pin validator

Rich pins help improve your potential reader’s experience with your pins. They tell pinners what your article, recipe, or product is about. Think of rich Pins as ad copy for your post.

Some other benefits of using rich pins on Pinterest are:

  1. Professional:
    Rich Pins works in a professional manner.
  2. Emphasizes information:
    It keeps a lot of valuable information and bolds your title blog and makes it more enticing.
  3. Saves time with automatic updating:
    Gets your updated information automatically.
  4. Offers credibility:
    Pinners are known to give credible information.

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