5 Pinterest Marketing Tips

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Do you want to learn how to market yourself and your business on Pinterest?
Are you looking for a resource to guide your Pinterest marketing efforts?

Whether you’re marketing on Pinterest as an individual or as a brand, in this interview I talk about how you can build a following, optimize your pins and boards, measure the return on your activities so that you can become a ROCKSTAR (like me lol) on Pinterest!

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Free Pinterest Masterclass
5 Pinterest Marketing Tips + 5 Day Course Included to increase your traffic & sales - Envizion Advertising & Pinterest Marketing Expert Laura Rike

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Laura Rike

Laura Rike is a Pinterest Powerhouse. She helps high-performing business owners, content creators & influencers (like YOU) grow PROFITABILITY the right way with SUSTAINABLE systems, so you can be found first without tantrums over tech and trading sleep for success. She has helped clients and students bring in over 50k+ in revenue month after month. Laura’s clients have become industry leaders with 6-figure and up businesses, most now found on page one of Google and growing sustainably with targeted email leads daily. With over 3.2 Million monthly viewers on Pinterest alone, Laura has been featured as a guest on podcasts like Ultimate Marketer, Twin Cities Collective, and Small Business Revival


  • Sanjay

    July 7, 2016

    Awesome tips. Pinterest is fun, and for brands, it is a big opportunity. Mostly women audience so the conversion rate is also higher than other social networks.

  • I am really trying to work on my Pinterest growth, so this is spot on for my needs!

  • Maegan Clark

    April 18, 2016

    Great ideas! I love using Pinterest for work and play!

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