How to Use Pinterest to Market Your Local Business

How to Use Pinterest to Market Your Local Business - Envizion Advertising
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Do you want to learn more about utilizing the leading search engine site to market your local business?  Do you want to get your potential leads hooked on your brand so they’ll become loyal customers?

Top brands are already tapping into the benefits of Pinterest to expand their enterprises, with overwhelming success.  You can, too.

These strategies can help you whether you’re already established and want to grow or you’re just starting out.

  • Network to Grow Your Audience.

    Develop a plan to connect with popular Pinterest users to give your product more exposure.

  • Assert Your Authority.

    You can give your brand more credibility by coming across as an authority on your product.  Promote your brand in creative and engaging ways.

  • Generate Traffic to Your Site.

    You can enhance your marketing to entice people to click through to your business site.  Be sure to post content that compels your audience to buy your product to solve a problem or cultivate an interest or hobby.  Additionally, you can find creative ways to induce consumers to make a purchase.



Create Curiosity Gaps to Draw People to Your Site.

You can incorporate text overlays, descriptions, and titles to indicate that clicking your pin will reveal information on your site that is crucial to the needs of your audience.  Your pin represents a promise of information that will be unveiled on your site.

Use images to tell a story.

You can use photographs to pique viewers’ curiosity enough that they will click to your site to see what you have to offer.  Multiple images with a common thread are effective at introducing a story.  Potential customers will want to visit your site to learn more.

Create Images Containing CTAs.

Marketers use clickable buttons containing calls to action (or CTAs) to get people to buy their products.  Likewise, you can create buttons with CTAs that are pinned when clicked.  Our brains are so used to these images, we can’t resist clicking on them.

Create a sense of Urgency with FOMO.

Offer a promotion, product, or discount for a limited time.  Your audience is likely to act more quickly out of a fear of missing out (FOMO).

Make these tips a part of your marketing plan, and you’ll see how exploring the benefits of Pinterest can take your business to the next level.


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