Creative ways to Use Pinterest in Your Photography Business

creative ways to use pinterest in your photography business
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Photography is something I’ve always loved and there is so much that can be done with it in terms of creativity and social media. As we have talked about previously, Pinterest is really a place where all the visual people of the world flock, and since photography is a very visual field, it only make sense to use this to your advantage!

So, let’s look into some creative ways that you can use Pinterest for photography business! I am willing to bet that if you use these tried and true techniques, you’ll see an increase in your reach and follower count! AND if you are just starting out and want some great tips on best practices for starting a photography business in general check out this article: How to start a photography business: the wedding photographer’s guide.

So, let’s get started!

1.) Be useful to your clients!

What I mean by this is that you should be creating Pin board specifically geared toward you client base. It all has to do with providing interesting information and useful ideas to your customers.

For instance, create a newborn photo shoot board that captures different ideas, settings, shots, etc. and let your clients have a look around! They will absolutely love that you gave them the ability to search and find exactly the type of photos they are looking for you to take.

Are you a wedding photographer? Why not create an engagement photo session board and also an “I do” board for their big days. Not only will they know exactly what they want, but they will also feel much less of a burden weighing on them knowing that you have already done a ton of research into making their day as beautiful as possible!

2.) Create secret boards for your clients to find inspiration!

To make your clients feel at home with you, create a board that only the two of you can see! Ask them to pin whatever inspires them (this doesn’t just have to be photos). This will give you an idea of what they are looking for and how you can style their shoot to best fit their needs.

Pinterest is really a great research tool for creative minds and using this for your photography business can mean the difference between a dull shoot and the perfect pose!

3.) Create session guide boards!

Does it seem like clients are constantly asking you what clothes, accessories and other items they should bring with them to the shoot? It’s a really good idea to create a board that showcases the kind of things they should bring with them. For instance, create a “Fall Family” board with pictures of cozy sweaters and fun scarfs. Not only will this give them ideas of how to look their best, but its also a really great way to show your clients that you care enough to put this all together for them. Plus, it doesn’t take that long and is super fun!

What photography board would you create on Pinterest?

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