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Pinterest is a social media platform that has gained tremendous popularity over the years. The platform is unique in the sense that it is more of a visual search engine than a social network. With over 500 million monthly active users, Pinterest has become a powerful tool for businesses to drive traffic and increase sales. In this post, we will discuss who is on Pinterest, the search intent of Pinterest users, and why user search intent on Pinterest is important for your marketing.

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Who’s on the Platform

Let’s talk about the types of people who use Pinterest. According to recent studies, nearly 70% of users are women between the ages of 20 and 64. However, the male percentage is continually climbing, making Pinterest an excellent platform for businesses looking to target both men and women. In 2023, the user base of Pinterest is expected to exceed 500 million monthly active users, representing a growth rate of 13.3%.

It’s important to note that Pinterest is more about psychographics than demographics. Users on Pinterest come from different education levels, income levels, and lifestyles. The platform is unique in that it caters to niche audiences and focuses on female millennials and Gen Z users. There’s currently around two-thirds, or about 67% of pins created by women, and more than 68% of their US audience consists mostly of millennials and Gen Zers under 40 years old.

Understanding User Intent

The key driving factor for growth over the next few years is focusing on catering to niche audiences. Pinterest is a platform that enables users to discover new things, plan events, and save ideas for future reference. Users search for inspiration, ideas, and solutions to their problems. This search intent is what sets Pinterest apart from other social media platforms.

Why User Intent Matters

As a business, it’s crucial to understand what users are searching for on Pinterest. You need to know the intent of the users to reach them with the right keywords and at the right stage of their journey. Are they in the beginning, or are they ready to purchase right now or ready to sign up with you right now? These are the things that you need to know and focus on.

Visual search technology

Pinterest provides access to audience insights, where businesses can see what devices users are using, their age groups, and other demographics. This information can help you tailor your content to fit your target audience and help you understand their search intent better. Additionally, Pinterest is investing heavily in visual search technology by partnering with AI companies, enabling even further the use of the visualization through certain camera lenses and AI technology.

The Final Pin Drop

Pinterest is a powerful platform that businesses should be using in their marketing strategy. With its massive library of text-based images, visuals, and ideas related to various topics, Pinterest is an ideal platform for businesses looking to drive traffic and increase sales. Understanding the search intent of users is crucial to reaching them with the right keywords and at the right stage of their journey. So, take advantage of the platform and start exploring the many opportunities it offers.

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