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Close your eyes for a moment and imagine your business a year from now. You’ve managed to create a robust online presence across multiple platforms, and your audience has grown exponentially. Sales are soaring, and you’re enjoying a steady stream of new clients and customers – all thanks to your decision to tap into the power of Pinterest marketing. But wait a minute, you might be thinking, “My business doesn’t fit into the typical Pinterest mold. How can I make Pinterest work for me?” In this one post, we are breaking the Pinterest barrier and squash the belief that Pinterest is only for specific niches and help you see its potential for your business, no matter your niche!

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Get Out of Your Head

There is a commonly held belief that Pinterest is only for DIY, fashion, food, and home décor. While it’s true that these niches have gained massive success on Pinterest, the platform has evolved over the years. Pinterest now caters to a wide variety of businesses and interests, and its algorithm prioritizes fresh, high-quality content that provides value to its users. Consider Pinterest as an influential search engine specifically tailored for visual content. Similar to Google, users flock to Pinterest in search of information, inspiration, and remedies for their various needs and issues.

If you’re thinking, “I don’t have time for another marketing channel,” or “I’d rather focus on other platforms or strategies,” consider this: Pinterest is a long-term marketing investment. Unlike other platforms, where your content’s visibility quickly diminishes, pins on Pinterest have a longer lifespan, and the traffic they generate can continue to grow over time. By incorporating Pinterest into your marketing mix, you’ll be investing in a channel that can deliver sustainable results for your business.

Explore Different Keywords & Categories

If you don’t have a business yet or have a business in a niche that doesn’t seem to fit the typical Pinterest mold, you might feel unsure about how to use Pinterest to your advantage. But fear not! The power of Pinterest lies in its search function, and you can use this to your advantage. Start by brainstorming a list of relevant keywords and phrases that relate to your niche. These could be anything from product names to industry jargon, or even common problems your target audience might face. For example, if you’re in the business of selling eco-friendly products, your keywords might include “sustainable living,” “zero-waste,” or “eco-friendly tips.”

Next, head over to Pinterest and start exploring these keywords. Simply type them into the search bar and see what comes up. You’ll be amazed at the variety of content, ideas, and inspiration that awaits you. This is an excellent way to understand how others in your niche are using Pinterest and to identify potential gaps that you could fill with your content. Pay attention to the pins that catch your eye. What makes them stand out? Is it the imagery, the headlines, or something else? Take note of these elements and think about how you can incorporate them into your Pinterest strategy.

Tell a Story

The key to making Pinterest work for your business, regardless of your niche, is visual storytelling. You need to create compelling, eye-catching pins that showcase your brand’s unique value proposition. Think about what problems your target audience faces and how your products or services can solve them. Then, create content that tells that story.

By offering valuable visual resources, engaging infographics, and stunning images that convey your business’s solutions, Pinterest can serve as an exceptional platform to showcase your offerings and extend your brand’s reach

The Final Pin Drop

It’s time to break the Pinterest barrier and start leveraging this powerful platform for your business, regardless of your niche. Remember, by providing value through storytelling and engaging with your audience around the solutions you provide, you can unlock the full potential of Pinterest marketing.

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