Become More Socially Organized In Less Than 10 Minutes!

We all know that social media is constantly becoming more and more prevalent in our society. You see it everywhere you go: people checking their emails on their smart phones, kids playing games on their iPads, and chances are that you’re reading this blog on some sort of small and sleek electronic device (unless someone…

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5 Facebook Marketing Tips for Business Owners

Is Facebook necessary? Are you getting frustrated with your lower reach on your Facebook page?Have you thought about giving up on the idea of making Facebook a key part of your strategy? While many continue to complain about the various changes, including a lower organic reach, the masses are still using it. Facebook is still…

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Verify Your Pinterest Account: How to and Why You Should!

verify your Pinterest account

Verify your Pinterest Account Being able to verify your Pinterest account is a great step in making your profile stand out. Having an account that is verified will demonstrate to your audience how serious you are about your account. It will help brand yourself or your business. The best part is that it will lead to a…

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