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Pinterest is a great social media site for sharing images, videos, and GIFs. However, you can also use the platform to sell digital products. Let’s explore how.

What are digital products?

Digital products are intangible items that you can sell and distribute online. Essentially, they are anything that can be broken down into 1s and 0s and sent over the internet.

While digital products aren’t physical, the end user can turn them into physical products. For example, consumers can buy e-books or digital art and print them out into something they can hold.

Why sell digital products online?

While physical products make up the bulk of eCommerce sales, digital product sales have been steadily increasing, especially since the pandemic. Here is why you should sell digital products online.

Low investment, (potentially) high returns

Selling physical products involves material and production costs. On the other hand, digital items don’t come with these expenses. This situation reduces the initial investment you make while still offering the potential for high returns.

Selling digital products on pinterest
Selling digital products on pinterest |

More profitable than physical goods

Physical products have production, manufacturing, warehousing, and shipping expenses. All of that eats into your final profit. Digital goods can take time to create, but afterward, you can replicate each copy easily and start making a profit.

No inventory, shipping, or rent hassle

Unlike physical goods, you don’t need to store digital goods—no renting out warehouse space or fulfillment centers, no inventory tracks, or shipping. Digital products also have a low barrier to entry, which means that they’re a good choice for entrepreneurs looking to get a start.

Automated delivery for passive income

You can easily automate the distribution of digital products. Once you’re connected with a payment processor, you can automate the delivery of your item, meaning you can sell products 24/7 without lifting a finger.

How to sell digital products in 4 steps

Selling a digital product with Pinterest is straightforward when you follow these four simple steps.

#1. Find or create a digital product

The first thing you need to do is find or make a digital product. Think about problems or pain points that people have. Create products that provide value by solving these issues by helping them achieve their goals faster, cheaper, or easier.

#2. Build an online store

Next up, you need an online store. You can use an eCommerce store because it’s more straightforward, and they can hook you up with a payment processor. Or you can go it alone and build your own website.

#3. Use an app to make selling easy

Getting your product in front of users is way easier if you use an app. Set up an account on Pinterest and start connecting with like-minded users.

#4. Market your digital products

Now, the real work begins. No one will buy your digital product if they don’t know about it. Use a mix of paid and organic marketing to build brand awareness and convince your target audience that your product can provide them with tons of value.

What are some examples of digital products?

Digital products have become a popular way to sell products in the information age. Some of the best examples of digital products are:

eBooks: eBooks were one of the first digital products that really took off. You can sell anything, from fiction to how-to guides or books that teach valuable skills.

Online courses: Online courses are a great way to sell a digital product. While you can sell memberships and teach courses to live, if you want passive income, you can sell pre-recorded courses that allow your students to learn at their own pace.

Photography: There is a huge demand for original images of every kind for blogs, articles, and other digital content.

Research and data: Original research and data are one of the most lucrative digital niches. Specialist marketing reports can sell for five figures!

Music: Instead of dealing with labels and distributors, the internet allows artists to cut out the middleman and sell directly to consumers.

Apps and software: Niche apps and independent games can be profitable if you’ve got the right coding skills.

Tutorials: Tutorials provide a great way to share your knowledge and teach people how to perform specific tasks, like DIY, repair, or even how-to’s for learning software or any type of craft.

Digital design assets: Graphic designers can sell icons, web elements, website templates, and more.

Coaching packages: Coaching packages can be used to teach skills, leadership, or anything that requires mentorship.

Podcasts and webinars: People will be prepared to pay if you create great content with enough value. Educational podcasts or webinars can be very lucrative if you’ve got the right insights and authority.

Six ways to market your digital products

Invest in SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a great way to connect with interested consumers. When high-intent users enter keywords and phrases, ensure you’re ready to match their queries.

While Google is the most popular search engine, it’s important to remember that Pinterest is also a search engine as well as an image-sharing site. So ensure you optimize your profile, pins, and boards with relevant search terms so you can appear in search and newsfeeds.

Some good places to add keywords are:

  • Pin titles and descriptions
  • Board titles and descriptions

Keep things natural and don’t try and cram too many words in and you should find some success.

Launch a PPC ad campaign (Pinterest)

Pinterest users spend twice as much on shopping as your average person. Additionally, the social media network has over 450 m monthly active users. Pinterest offers users a few different ad types to choose from, such as:

  • Awareness
  • Engagement
  • Traffic
  • Promoted App Pins

Each ad type is suitable for different stages of the sales funnel.

Traffic is the best for getting clicks, but if your digital product is an app, you should use Promoted App Pins. That’s not to say that Awareness and Engagement Ads aren’t helpful. Modern sales require between six to eight touchpoints, so getting your brand in front of users is essential. Similarly, Engagement ads will do the same and extend your reach. So use a blend of these ad types.

Promote your products on Pinterest for free

While Promoted Pins are a great way to grab some interest quickly, you can also promote your products on Pinterest for free. You can use pins and your Pinterest blog to talk about your digital products or service, share insights, and build authority and trust.

It’s all about creating quality content. Great photos, videos, GIFs, and the copy can all help you connect with people trying to solve the issues your digital product solves.

Tagging Products on Pinterest pins

Pinterest pins are the beating heart of the platforms. So create a pin with a strong visual appeal and keywords that will appeal to your target audience to grab their interest. You can add up to eight links from your pin that redirect users to your claimed website.

Connecting pins to your product catalog mean you can share metadata like price and product description. Pinterest’s API will pull all that info onto your pins, which is a huge time saver if you sell a lot of different digital assets.

Offer a lead magnet (Pinterest promo opp)

Lead magnets are a proven way to turn visitors into subscribers. However, users won’t swap their contact details unless you provide them with value.

So think about the niche that your digital product serves. Find something to help your target audience and offer it free when they subscribe. Soon, your email list will start growing.

Leverage email marketing (Pinterest)

Once you grow your email list through Pinterest, you can start using it to send out email marketing for your product. Sprinkles some tips and tricks, advice, and other valuable information into your email marketing. If you have testimonials, add some too. If you’re targeting the right people, you should generate some sales.

Platforms to sell digital products: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best platform to sell digital products?

There are lots of great platforms for selling digital products. Some of the best ones are Shopify, Gumroad, Sellfy, Podia, and BigCommerce.

Where can I sell my digital products?

You can sell your digital products almost anywhere. For example, you can build your own website or use hosts like Shopify or Thinkific, which is particularly good for selling courses.

However, you can also use marketplaces like Amazon, Udemy, Skillshare, or Etsy, but beware of the high cut each platform takes.

Unlike other social media platforms, Pinterest allows you to sell directly on the site. The website is trusted, has a vast user base, and offers a highly visual and seamless customer experience, which makes it the best option.

What is the best way to sell digital products?

The best way to sell digital products is through a platform that allows you to combine sales and marketing. Pinterest allows you to set up a business account and promote your product through pins and organic search. Then, you can either redirect users to your own store or sell directly on the platform.

What digital products can you sell online?

You can sell many digital products online, such as eBooks, online courses, photography, research and data, music, apps and software, tutorials, digital design assets, coaching packages, podcasts, and webinars.

What is the best and cheapest way to sell digital products online?

Gumroad, E-junkie, and Ecwid are all excellent options; however, selling directly through Pinterest gives you access to a vast marketplace.

Is there any free website where I can sell digital products

No. For any service to survive, you’ll either need to give them a cut of your sales or pay a flat monthly fee for the service.

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