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Pinterest involves much more than simply creating a Pin and posting it to your profile. If you want to maximize the impact of your content, then you need to be strategic with Pinterest boards and categories too.

If you’re wondering where to begin, then stay tuned to learn the best way to name a Pinterest board and how to create a strategic Pinterest category list.

What Are Pinterest Boards?

What Are Pinterest Boards?

Pinterest boards are collections of Pins that have been saved together, allowing users to upload, save, sort, and manage visual content. Each board should have a specific theme or purpose.

Pinterest boards are accessed by clicking the Saved tab, revealing all Pins the user has posted (and saved to a board). As a business, you can take advantage of Pinterest boards to showcase product categories and top tips in your industry and inspire your users.

Are Pinterest Boards Important?

There are many benefits to creating a brand board for your business. To start, Pinterest boards are essential to keep your content organized. Pinterest boards improve user experience and help your audience connect with your brand meaningfully, but it also helps the Pinterest algorithm better understand the context of your posts.

To make the most of your Pinterest boards, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Keep Pinterest boards active
  • Ensure that Pinterest boards are full of relevant Pins
  • Explore the benefits of group boards
  • Name your Pinterest board strategically

How to Name Your Pinterest Board

The name of the Pinterest board will have an impact on how it appears in search results and how users will engage with your content. Make the most of your Pinterest boards by keeping the following naming tips in mind.

How to name Pinterest boards the right way + a Pinterest Category List

Be Direct With Your Board Name

The name of your Pinterest board should be clear and direct, telling the user exactly what the content includes. Avoid being clever with your board name. Replace quirky puns with effective keyword phrases to help your Pinterest boards rank on search engines.

pinterest board names with keywords

Keep in mind that Pinterest has a high domain authority, which means that Pinterest boards can rank on search engines outside of Pinterest. Incorporating strategic keywords in the name of your Pinterest board will help with search engine results. Consider what your users will search for and include relevant search terms in your board name.

Keep the Characters to a Limit

Pinterest board names can be up to 50 characters long. Ensure that you include the most important words at the front so that users can scan the board names quickly and at a glance.

Pinterest board names

Pinterest also permits up to 500 characters in the board description. While keywords are important for the description as well, try to make the tone more conversational. While hashtags are valuable in Pins, they aren’t necessary for a Pin description.

Use the Pinterest Board Name Generator Tools

Pinterest board name generator tools help businesses and bloggers choose a name that aligns with their audience and searches terms. Begin by using a relevant keyword, and Pinterest will suggest appropriate search phrases to use as your board name.

Use the Pinterest Board Name Generator Tools

What Is a Pinterest Category?

A Pinterest category is Pinterest’s way of displaying related Pins. As an advanced setting, Pinterest categories make it easier for the platform to organize various interests and topics, helping users discover relevant content.  

What Is a Pinterest Category?

After creating a board, Pinterest users can edit categories to apply to the board. Initially, Pinterest categories were applied broadly, but now their mechanics are much more granular.

Are Categories Important on Pinterest?

Pinterest first introduced board categories in 2010, intending to make it easier for users to find relevant Pins and boards. Categories help individual users choose what they see on their Pinterest feed.

Today, Pinterest search functionality prioritizes other SEO metrics, such as keywords and hashtags, and the value of categories has shifted. Rather than being one of the main factors for Pinterest search results, categories are a single tool in a larger toolbox.

How to Find Relevant Categories on Pinterest

Pinterest search functionality

A Pinterest business account offers users access to Audience Insights, which reveals valuable insights into popular categories on Pinterest.

  • Switch to a business Pinterest profile
  • Navigate to Audience Insights
  • Discover Pinterest’s popular categories by selecting All Pinterest Users 
  • Find more granular topics by selecting a chosen category

Currently, some of the most popular categories include home decor, education, DIY and crafts, and food and drink, among others.

How to Find Relevant Categories on Pinterest

When choosing which category is best for your Pinterest board, make sure that it aligns with the content that you plan to post. For example, consider what your audience will be searching for and where their interests lie and don’t be afraid to adapt your categories as needed.

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