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Let’s talk about quick & easy way to re-purpose your content and how easy that can be and beneficial for your online pages or accounts.

It can be quite exciting when we are in the process of thinking of what to post and how we should create it to successfully engage with our followers but come the time when we post our content and it didn’t receive a high amount of likes, shares or comments compared to what we expecting. We then now think of more contents that our followers would like and relate to.

Home appraisal by justin w

For example in Pinterest, everybody wants to post that one picture for everyone to pin and other people to re-pin it as well. But what people are missing out on is that they can post multiple images for that one post. Choosing multiple images is so quick and easy. When you create a blog, go pick or create multiple pictures but don’t pin them all right away, make them “pinnable” while you’re making that blog. I show you exactly what I mean so you can follow it when it’s time for you to post your own blog or pictures. Re-purposing content has some real value in it that people tend to overlook.

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