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Are you neglecting your blog because you are trying too hard not to offend people?
Most people in today’s society have an idea of what blogging is, but they may not fully understand how or why it is helpful.

According to Webster, a blog is:

“a Web site that contains online personal reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer.”

The key word in this definition is “personal.” Everybody has opinions and may even hold certain stances or positions on various subject matters. This INCLUDES business!

Bloggin is a great outlet that allows somebody to reflect and comment on articles, events, pictures, and just about anything

In the world we live in today, we are always trying not to offend people, but in the process of trying to ensure this, we often drop too much information or take out any kind of personality. There is a reason why news stations try so hard to be “neutral,” but are commonly viewed as boring, bland or uninteresting to a large majority of people.

Making a personal connection with anybody is very difficult if there is no emotion or motivation behind what is being said. Blogging is a great outlet that allows somebody – or a consortium of somebodies – to reflect and comment on articles, events, pictures, and just about anything, showing the reader that there actually is a human being behind the words!

As with anything in business, there are risks associated with blogging, but humanizing your business can make you much more relatable, approachable and open to your clients. The “trick” is to ensure that what you do say is tactful, meaningful, and respectful.

If you think you might be interested in starting a blog or even if you have one and are looking for new and creative ideas, feel free to email me! We would absolutely love to help your voice be heard!

Why you need to STOP neglecting your blog TODAY!
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    6 replies to "Why you need to STOP neglecting your blog TODAY!"

    • No Ordinary Liz

      LOVED your blog post. I feel at times that I get blogger’s block and don’t know what to write about, and then there’s times I get the urge to write about everything. I do love it when I have that certain connection with my readers, no greater feeling! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Priya Aurora

      Very useful tips, each one will be useful to any blogger. Will keep them in mind.

    • Jacqui Odell

      Sometimes I feel like I am neglecting my blog. It’s hard especially this time of the year!

    • Heather McMechan

      Working on this for the new year to stand out more.

    • Saidah Washington

      I blog about marriage from a Christian perspective so I definitely am not neutral and I think that is the part that people love about my blog I speak what I believe point blank.

    • Via Bella

      Yep, I am guilty sometimes of this! I am trying to find the happy medium.

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