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Blogging can be an effective way to get your business noticed online. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you succeed with blogging. Get started with effective tips for monetizing your blog and growing your business online. Start a blog today!

5 Benefits of Video Marketing for Business

5 benefits of video marketing for business

There are a lot of benefits to video marketing for business. Find out some of the top reasons to try it out! Benefits of Video Marketing For Business Modern businesses need a number of things in order to be able to thrive and compete in a competitive market. Having great leadership and offering exceptional service…

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Pinterest Holiday Trends: Why You Should Advertise on Pinterest for the Holidays

For countless businesses and service providers, online sales during the Holiday shopping season can make or break their year. In fact, e-commerce sales have increased dramatically as a percentage of total holiday retail transactions over the past decade. This means that leveraging the best online marketing outlets for your holiday promotions is more important now…

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How To Create A Custom Pinterest Board Cover

How To Create Custom Pinterest Board Covers

Pinterest is an excellent way for businesses to build their visibility and expand their customer base, even using a Pinterest board cover believe it or not. As one of the most popular social media sites in the world, Pinterest has 478 million monthly active users and 80% of those users have made purchases based on…

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What Are Pinterest Sections and How Do You Add Them?

What Are Pinterest Sections And How Do You Add Them to Your Boards

Welcome to the wonderful world of Pinterest. This is the perfect place to collect pretty pictures. It’s pretty easy to get lost down the Pinterest rabbit hole for an afternoon. Pretty soon, you will start to make your own collection on Pinterest. It doesn’t take long for your collection to get pretty big. The bigger…

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How To Find Pinterest group boards

How To Find Group Boards on Pinterest

A Pinterest Group Board is a board that is owned by one user and made available to other users.

Pinterest’s intent was to offer Group Boards as a way for people to collaborate

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