How to use Pinterest boards to increase traffic by 30%

How to use Pinterest boards to increase traffic by 30%
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Pinterest Case Study: April Likins

April Likins is an Integrated Health Coach.  She is on a mission to help women create a healthier, happier life.  She has several products that she is an affiliate for as well. 


As with all our clients, we built a strategy based on their client-specific goals.  Some of those for April were:

  • Increase visibility, brand awareness, and traffic
  • Drive traffic to CBD affiliate company and health coaching website
  • Drive traffic to other quality content on her site 
How to use Pinterest boards to increase traffic by 30%

Why we were successful

To create more visibility, brand awareness, and traffic, we started by creating more keyword focused boards.  We reviewed her underperforming boards to see where we could make adjustments.  We also reviewed the top performing boards to see what her audience was responding to.  Then, we created a few additional boards to help boost the account. 

We focused on using relevant keywords to help her pins show up in searches more frequently. 

To drive traffic to her affiliate sites, we created pins that linked to specific blog posts or pages on her website.  We made sure to include strong call-to-actions that her audience would respond to. 

The Results

Optimizing April’s account and focusing on diversifying the content we publish before the last quarter of the year, allowed us to build it up over the 2 months leading up to New Year. This was important because January is all about health and wellness.  April was able to capitalize on the optimized content that is now ready to be found in all the searches. 

She received her first affiliate sale early this year and is now seeing a continued increase in traffic.

Within 2 months, she had a 30% increase in traffic from Pinterest to her website. 

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Once you’ve learned how to create the perfect pin with your best content, the next step is figuring out how to organize it. This is where Pinterest boards come into play.  Boards are how you categorize, organize and collect all your pins. There’s definitely a method to using boards the right way. One that will help direct customers to the content they want to see. Here’s the best way to effectively use Pinterest boards for your business:

What are Pinterest boards?

If someone visits your profile, what will they find? 

You’ve created some great pins, using beautiful images, with compelling captions and great content that tells a story, but how will your customers find them?

Pinterest boards allow you to categorize your pins based on topics of your choosing. 

To create a new board from your profile: 

  1. Click your profile photo to open your profile and click Boards
  2. Click Create board
  3. Enter a name for your board and click the box next to “Visibility” if you want to keep this board secret
  4. Click into the “Add dates” field to add a start and end date 
  5. Click Create
Pinterest boards

Within each board, you have the option to create sub-categories to make it even easier to find a certain pin, although it’s better to have more specific boards rather than overly general boards with multiple sub-categories.

How should I categorize Pinterest boards?

The best way to categorize your boards is to look at your analytics to see which topics are the most popular. 

Think about the reasons why customers visit your brand on Pinterest and create boards for those topics. Then add your pins into the most appropriate boards. 

If you have already created your boards, you can edit them with the new keywords or titles.

Pinterest boards

Be sure to pin your most popular pins to the top of each board, so a new visitor will see the best of what you have to offer.

After you’ve decided how to organize your boards, you can go to your profile settings and choose the custom setting. This allows you to put your boards in an order that makes sense for your business. 

There’s a few different ways that could work.  Try putting one of these at the top of your profile page:

  • Your most popular boards
  • Seasonal boards 
  • Featured boards section 
  • Boards that reflect the content at the top of your sales funnel 
Pinterest boards

Try out some different things and follow up with your analytics to see what works best for your traffic.

What is the most effective way to use boards on Pinterest?

Boards are great organizational tools for you and your clients, but they are also important for Pinterest SEO. You want to make sure that your title and describe your boards using keywords that your clients will use. 

Go to the Pinterest search bar and look at the suggestions when searching related topics and use those keywords in your boards. 

Pinterest will use these keywords in their algorithm to decide how relevant your pins are to a pinner. This is one more reason why you want to make sure your boards are more specialized and that you are putting pins in the appropriate categories. Otherwise, Pinterest will decide that your pins aren’t relevant and they won’t be shown in the smart feed at all.

How to index my Pinterest pin and boards on Google?

Before your site reaches the top positions in search results, Google can index the boards from your Pinterest account. Do you want to index your Pinterest boards on Google? All you have to do is:

  1. Choose keywords (preferably long tail) that your audience is likely to be looking for
  2. Create a board using those keywords in the title, and/or images with those keywords in the caption
  3. Promote your board and consistently add new content
  4. Watch your Google rankings TAKE OFF!!!

How to find shared boards on Pinterest?

Find shared boards on Pinterest is easy to do with Google. You can find boards that are similar to yours by searching in the search bar for “keyword” + “Pinterest”.

Why can’t I see my secret boards on Pinterest?

To create a secret board or to view your secret boards simply scroll to the bottom of your Pinterest profile. If you are having trouble with creating secret boards on your mobile device, be sure you have updated to the most recent version of the app. The pins you put on this board will not be visible in your feed or your follower’s feeds.

How do I unhide a board on Pinterest?

  1. Sign in to the Pinterest mobile app.
  2. Tap the Pinterest icon on the lower left corner to go to your home newsfeed.
  3. To hide a Pin, tap the bottom right corner of the Pin and select hide.
  4. Press and hold any Pin and select the “X” button to hide it.
  5. To unhide a Pinterest Pin, tap Undo.

How to see when I created a Pinterest board?

  1. Log into your Pinterest account
  2. From your Pinterest home feed, click into a Pin
  3. Click on the board title in Username saved to Board title at the bottom of the Pin to open the board

Can you combine boards on Pinterest?

You can merge boards by dragging and dropping one board into the center of another and clicking Move Pins and delete board. You can also merge boards by tapping and holding the board you want to merge, tapping the edit icon then swiping down and tapping Merge board.

Are you looking for results similar to April Likins case study above?  We help our clients achieve amazing results on Pinterest.  Whether you have a big launch coming up, want to adjust your strategy, or need to bounce ideas off someone, we can help!

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