The Best Ways To Optimize Pinterest Pins

The Best Ways To Optimize Pinterest Pins
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You want to find ways to optimize Pinterest pins to show up in the right searches, instead of worrying about how many followers you have, right?

Well then, you need to treat Pinterest as a search engine instead of just another social media platform. Here are some things you can do to make sure your pins are showing up in searches to the right people.

How do I optimize my pins on Pinterest?

What does Pinterest consider to be a good pin? How does Pinterest’s algorithm decide whether a pin shows up in someone’s feed or not?

Pinterest looks for new, high quality, relevant pins. You want to create pins with beautiful, easy to understand images. You need to write compelling titles, captions, and a clear call to action. The links need to deliver what your pins are promising. And they need to be relevant to your audience. 


Make sure your captions, title, image name, and URL include keywords that make sense. Think about the types of things someone would search for if they were looking for your product. Follow Pinterest’s keyword suggestions in the search bar and include them in your captions when appropriate.

Pinterest is also focusing on fresher, newer pins, over old ones. So be sure to make several pins for each new product or blog, instead of simply duplicating pins over and over. If you have some successful content, then refresh it and create new pins for it.

How can I improve my SEO on Pinterest?

There’s a few other things Pinterest uses to determine who sees each pin.

The first is domain quality, which means you need to sign up for a business account and claim your website on Pinterest. This allows you to start publishing Rich pins that automatically sync with your website. 

The next thing to consider is Pinner quality. How can you become a quality pinner? 

  • Spending time each day using Pinterest yourself so you are comfortable with the features.
  • Share pins that you think your audience will enjoy throughout the day. 
  • Comment and engage on other pins. 
  • Review the analytics for your audience to see what other categories they enjoy and spend time being involved with that content. 

Next, you’ll want to take a look at your profile and boards. Make sure the titles of your boards include relevant keywords that your customers will be looking for and then make the pins in those boards relevant as well. 

Review your bio, url and profile and include keywords that help you show up in the right searches. Pinterest uses these keywords when determining where to show your pins. 


Can you Pin too much on Pinterest?

There used to be a time when the maximum recommendation for pins was practically unlimited but that’s when a pinner’s feed was simply chronological. 

Now that Smart Feed prioritizes fresh, relevant and high quality content, you can’t simply throw anything out there and expect it to work. 

What you need to do is pin consistently and aim to post as much as you can without sacrificing quality. Spend your time on creating beautiful, well-made pins and content. Focus on quality and consistency, over quantity.

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