How does Pinterest Search work?

How does Pinterest Search work?

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*Updated September 22, 2021*

One of the biggest mistakes we see business owners make with Pinterest is using it as a social media platform instead of the powerful search engine it is. 

You may be creating great content and commenting on others’ pins, but if you’re not optimizing your pins to show up in the right searches, then you aren’t maximizing Pinterest’s potential. 

Here’s how you can make the most of what Pinterest has to offer your business.

Is Pinterest a Search Engine?

Your average Pinner is definitely using Pinterest as a search engine and not a social site.

Think about it.  When you log into Pinterest are you using it to find a specific Pin such as a recipe, project, or course?  Or are you using it to connect with your friends?  Most likely the answer is the first.

Each month Pinterest has 320 million users who are looking for inspiration (and usually researching something to buy.) This means that you need to be optimizing your pins. 


If you don’t know where to get started, use the guided search option to find relevant keywords to include in your descriptions and titles, and even your image file’s name.

The Guided Search feature helps users explore the site even if they don’t know exactly what they are looking for.  It’s a simple way to sift through the millions of Pinterest boards. It’s also a great way to target your pins towards your perfect customer. 

pinterest search

The other great thing about Pinterest Search is that users will never run out of ideas. When you search for a word on Pinterest, it gives you suggestions of other keywords that are similar to search for.  As a business owner, you can use this feature to make sure you are showing up in the search results.

Pinterest suggested keyword search

How Does the Pinterest Search Algorithm Work?

So now you know Pinterest is a search engine, but how do you make your content show up in more searches. Well, there’s a few things Pinterest is looking for. 

First, you want to show Pinterest that you are a high quality Pinner. You can do this by sharing popular pins to relevant boards. You want a good mix of others’ pins and your own. This shows Pinterest that you have a strategy and you’re using Pinterest yourself. 

Second, Pinterest looks at your domain quality. You can improve it by creating a business profile and keeping it separate from your personal profile. Then, you can claim your website and connect it to your business account. This allows you to begin creating Rich pins. 

Rich pins allow Pinterest to pull content directly from your website. For example, if you have products on your page, you can create Rich Pins for those products that will automatically update pricing changes, availability and descriptions. Using Rich pins puts you higher in the Pinterest search engine. 

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Third, you need to be creating beautiful, relevant content. Do this by including appropriate keywords in your descriptions and titles. Use high quality images that make it clear what your pin is about. Then review the analytics and find which pins do the best. 

Create more pins around those topics or blogs that are the most successful. Pinterest prefers new pins over old pins, but you don’t need to start from scratch each time. 

Can Others See What You Search On Pinterest?

You may be concerned that Pinterest is displaying your searches. Unless you pin something to a public board, no one can see what you search or what you are pinning. 

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Pinterest is definitely keeping track though, so they can make an educated guess at what types of pins you want to see.  That’s how almost all websites work so they can tailor the content to you. 

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