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This month’s client highlight has an eCommerce brand that sells products on Pinterest. Our goal was to drive traffic to her products and convert those clicks to sales by incorporating new Pinterest features.

Where she started

For the past 3 months, we have averaged 700% growth month over month. Her impressions are also up 172% to 15,622 impressions. There has been a steady increase in organic traffic to her links and a high number of saves.

Client success story | 700% growth by incorporating new pinterest features
700 growth on pinterest by incorporating new pinterest features

Why we were successful

The traffic has increased to her site because she started a blog to support her products. We used those blog posts to create pin designs that stand out and encourage clicks. We wrote Pin descriptions that focused on trending keywords and seasonal trends such as summer fashion, summer mom outfits, and baseball game outfits.

We also started using video Pins and Story Pins every week. By incorporating some of the new Pinterest features, she was able to reach a wider audience. These different Pin formats also generated more engagement.

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