How I made over $350 in 5 days from Pinterest

How I made over $350 in 5 days from Pinterest
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Okay, I get it. $350 isn’t some fancy number like other entrepreneurs out there who say that they had a five figure launch while they were on maternity leave or a 10-figure launch in less than 48 hours. But I made over $350 for the first time with this company in less than five days using organic traffic from Pinterest. Now that’s a huge deal for me, so I wanted to tell you exactly, step by step, how I did that so that you can join and do it for your business as well.

Let’s start with what I was promoting. I was working with a company called Ultimate Bundles. Some of you may have heard them, some of you may have not, but basically what they have is a number of different bundles that they put together with entrepreneurs to make a large offer. The current bundle that I was marketing was for something they call the Ultimate Blogging- Genius Blogging Tool Kit of 2018.

They provided me with my own link and then they also had a really cool back end that had marketing training and tools which provided me with some ideas on how to make the most sales during that short bundle window. The bundle was only open for five days, so I worked on how to best set up a strategy using my blogging skills, my email marketing skills, and my social media platforms.

Here are some quick steps for you

  1. I had a unique link that I shared on every platform that I had access to including my blog and my email list. My email list has a little less than 3,000 individuals, so it’s not huge.
  2. I also shared the link on all of my social media platforms, including my Facebook group and all the places that I am active online. I have a little more than 5,000 followers on each platform.

Now while these numbers, again, might not blow you away, this was my first time with this company and I was very proud of the results. The link that I promoted allowed people to be able to sign their lists up for Ultimate Bundles. Ultimate Bundles then would use my unique link in those emails to capture the sales.

Want to join Ultimate Bundles as an affiliate?

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What were the results?

In five days I was able to send 503 people to my link. Of those 503 people, 314 clicked through to either read more, learn more, or to see if they were truly interested in the offer that I was providing them through Ultimate Bundles. This resulted in a 62.43% click-through rate. That is insane!

What does that mean for me? Were they unique, was it one individual clicking through repeatedly?

Let me break it down again for you.

So remember the 503 number, only 181 of those impressions and views were repeated. That means, I had 322 unique views and while I had those 322 unique views, I had a 187 unique clicks. That's still over 58% click through rate. I had four emails that sent out to my tribe and I had anywhere from 6 to 10 different social media posts go out. Each bundle was either $97 or $147 depending on what they chose.

From the 314 people that clicked through to see more information, I had 62 people opt-in in the first 48 hours to get that first email announcing when the sales went live. Overall, that is a over 66% conversion on an active commission link.

Now of those 62 people that signed up, I had 7 people purchase the bundles. If we break down that even further, that is an overall conversion rate of a little more than 2%.

How much did I earn?

Again, I told you these numbers aren't going to be stellar, but the industry average is said to be between 2% and 5%. That is why people are encouraged to build out your following with emails.

Because of the 62 people that signed up and said "yes, send me the email when the bundle goes live," 7 of them purchased and that's a little more than 2%. I made $351.60 off of those sales.


My average commission per sale for those seven people, was $50.23. My average commission per click-through rate or per click was $1.12. Why do you care about these figures?

Because now, the next time I go through and I promote their bundle, I'll know that if I did want to put advertising dollars behind it to increase the amount of money that I bring in from this affiliate launch, my average last time was about a dollar per lead to make the $350.


Now again, I did not use any money. But if I set up link clicks or leads, as long as I keep the leads under a dollar and twelve cents, I would be in a good place to make more money because each commission per sale. Each of those individuals were roughly around $50 for the commission I received.


How I made over $350 in 5 days from Pinterest


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