Using Pinterest For Keyword Research

Using Pinterest For Keyword Research - Envizion Advertising with Laura Rike of Minnesota

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While everyone knows that finding the perfect long tail keyword is key to gaining a high search rank, not everyone who uses SEO strategies knows just how to accomplish this in the most effective way. While you can use services such as Google’s Keyword Planner, or even just by searching Google itself, there are actually quite effective ways of using Pinterest’s keyword planner to do the same work in a much more efficient way, so you can spend less time looking for that perfect keyword and more time reaching the viewership you desire.

How to use Pinterest to research keywords

While Pinterest is normally used to browse popular images of items and products to be added to boards, it can also be used for very effective keyword research. In just a few simple steps, you can find the next highly effective keyword you’ll need to reach the biggest audience with your next post.

1) Search the topic on Pinterest.

One highly effective way of finding the keyword you want is to start typing something that relates to the topic at hand, and to let autocomplete show you suggestions that other users have searched for in the past.

2) Look for a long tail keyword.

Once you’ve pulled up your complete list of suggestions that others have typed into the search bar on Pinterest, you can fill in a word or two to see how other users completed your phrase, leading you to long tail keywords that you might not have even considered before. Once you have this list handy, you’ll be able to prioritize the most common of the long tail keywords and get started using them to reach a far larger audience.

3) Get more specific for an even more specific long tail keyword.

Once you have a narrowed-down keyword and long tail keyword, you can get even more specific by adding qualifying terms. Instead of simply typing in a query like “cowboy” or “cowboy boots,” you might type something like “cowboy boots for” or “cowboy boots for women that” in order to see what others have written in the past, and again reach the largest audience possible with your next big post.

Reaching a large audience with your posts doesn’t have to be difficult. Using long tail keyword searching, you’ll be able to reach a larger audience than you have in the past.


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