Pinterest Pin Design Tips for Irresistible Pins

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Pins come from all over the web and cover a wide range of topics and people use Pinterest to discover and save ideas.

SO, what exactly is a ‘Pin’ and how do you know if YOUR pin is filled with inspiring, actionable ideas to draw them to you and your content?

Are you intriguing them to trust you enough to pull out their credit card on spot – or are you doing more harm than good with what you are saving to your boards?

I have a few Pinterest pin design tips to help you save time while making a huge impact and creating irresistible pins.

DONT FORGET – If you are an independent consultant, with an MLM or direct sales company building your empire, then Pinterest should form an essential part of your marketing strategy.

I have a Pinterest bootcamp that is an in-depth 1.5 hour course guiding you through optimizing your profile, crafting the right pin designs & descriptions, as well as providing all of the best practice tips and advice to get you using Pinterest to help your business!


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Laura Rike

Laura Rike is a Pinterest Powerhouse. She helps high-performing business owners, content creators & influencers (like YOU) grow PROFITABILITY the right way with SUSTAINABLE systems, so you can be found first without tantrums over tech and trading sleep for success. She has helped clients and students bring in over 50k+ in revenue month after month. Laura’s clients have become industry leaders with 6-figure and up businesses, most now found on page one of Google and growing sustainably with targeted email leads daily. With over 3.2 Million monthly viewers on Pinterest alone, Laura has been featured as a guest on podcasts like Ultimate Marketer, Twin Cities Collective, and Small Business Revival


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