Are You Using your FREE Facebook Marketing Real Estate?

Learn how to set up your cover photo when marketing real-estate
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Allow me to help you fix your Facebook marketing!

First off, the cover photo of your Facebook page is a great place for your real estate when marketing on your page! You can also strategically make your cover photo the reason as to why visitors on your page may like it. It’s like you are already marketing your page in the first and biggest picture they see.


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Creating a cover photo with a call-to-action button

There are also different user actions and conversions that you can set up for that cover photo for your marketing strategy. You can also make your cover photo to a call to action that converts for your page! One way to do is that you can promote a Facebook page tab. You can also promote your website, you can throw in your website link in there and I will show you how to make it clickable for the users or the people on your page. Another way to use Facebook cover photo in your marketing strategy is to promote gated external content so you can do your eBook and infographics. Making a portion of your cover photo clickable allows the opportunity for the visitors to connect to your products. I also show the Facebook image that I created to grow my Facebook group above.

Watch a video step by step with further explanation here:






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