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Do you have a blog that does not get as much traffic as you desire? Perhaps, you have considered advertising with Google Ads or Facebook for Business. Did you know that everyone else is also flocking to these online options as a means for exposure? You should consider thinking outside of the box and use Pinterest for blog marketing.

Pinterest is the new Google Search

Over the years, Pinterest has progressively gone from being a hub where customers quickly save what they like to a place where users come to find new businesses. The momentum shows no signs of slowing down as millennials continue to search for ways to promote small businesses while on the go.

Your blog may be the thing that the masses want. You can use Pinterest for blog marketing to maximize the possibility of exposure.

Why use Pinterest to promote blog posts?

It is true that many Pinterest users are fascinated with pictures. The truth, however, is that many users search for photos to find tips and other valuable information that you would see in a blog post. Your decision to use Pinterest to promote blog posts, then, fills a void that the masses want to satisfy online. Your business is essentially a necessity that Pinterest users do not know that they need.

Dramatically increase the traffic to your website using Pinterest for blog marketing

The key to getting more people to visit the content on your blog is to get more exposure for your content. Pinterest is one of the many social media channels that allows writers to effectively market their blogs. It’s a platform that provides a visual teaser of your blog content to get the attention of your target audience. This is the strategy that will get your blog post viewed by thousands of people, and it will drive traffic to your blog post.

Generate devoted readers with marketing your blog on Pinterest

The key to making your blog successful is to gain devoted readers and followers, not just one time readers of your blog posts. Using pictures and snippets of content from your blog, you will capture the attention of people searching the web – especially Pinterest – for answers and ideas. Then, they will visit your blog post to find out more information. Once they read your blog post, they will also explore the other content on your blog and they are much more likely to subscribe and follow your blog.

Exponential audience reach with Pinterest for blog marketing

The best part about blog marketing on Pinterest is that once you generate content, people will start to pin your content to their own boards. Then, other people will see that your content is posted on someone’s Pinterest board, and they will pin your blog post as well. Once your blog post content is shared on Pinterest, more and more people that are your ideal audience for you blog post will discover your blog. Effectively using Pinterest for blog post marketing will generate more and more visitors to your website as more and more people discover your blog content.

In the end, the only marketing strategy that is worth investing your time in is the one that actually gets real results. The scalable power and potential of social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest have users that are waiting to discover your ideas and content. Pinterest continues to be one of the biggest social media platforms for people looking for ideas, for people looking for tips and tricks, and for people looking for just about anything. That’s the really beauty of Pinterest – there is something for everyone! So, take a step towards increasing traffic to your website right now by using Pinterest for blog marketing.

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