How to Make Money On Pinterest

Business on Pinterest is exploding.

Because of the pandemic, pinners are doing a lot more shopping online now. In fact shoppers on Pinterest grew 50% in the first half of 2020 alone.

Here’s how you can get started making money on Pinterest.

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Is Pinterest Good for Blogging?

Pinterest is the third-largest social network in the United States (behind Facebook and Instagram)? If you don’t have a strategy for Pinterest in your marketing plan now is the time.  Pinterest is an outlet for education. Yes, Pinterest is all about the pictures, but it’s what those pictures link to that’s important, which is why it’s…

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Step-by-Step Guide: What To Do When Pinterest Blocks Your Website

There has been an increase of websites being marked as “spam” on Pinterest lately, with accounts even being fully shut down or their pinterest account suspended.  This means people’s websites are becoming blocked and every one of their links being considered spam.   If this is you, don’t worry.  I have a solution for you. With that…

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Your Pinterest Profile Can Be Your Money-Making Machine for Your Business

Pinterest is a platform that over 200 million people visit each month to get inspired by new ideas. Most of the time, they also get inspired to shop. That´s why your Pinterest profile can be the key to making money for your business. Pinterest captures audiences in different stages of the buying process. 93% of…

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27 Pinterest Tips For Business and Bloggers

5 Ways To Bring Your Customers Back to Life -

Are you getting results from Pinterest?  Pinterest is one of the most effective tools in driving traffic to your site and introducing your brand to new influencers and consumers. If you are not getting these results from Pinterest, perhaps you need to do some fine-tuning in how you use the platform. Use these 27 Pinterest tips…

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