Your Pinterest Profile Can Be Your Money-Making Machine for Your Business

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Pinterest is a platform that over 200 million people visit each month to get inspired by new ideas. Most of the time, they also get inspired to shop. That´s why your Pinterest profile can be the key to making money for your business.

Pinterest captures audiences in different stages of the buying process. 93% of pinners have used Pinterest to plan or make purchases. 52% say that they have seen something on Pinterest and purchased it online.  

This means that Pinterest captures audiences in different mindsets when it comes to purchasing. But, one thing is clear. No matter where they are in the buying process, it is important to put your brand and your products in front of them. Your Pinterest profile can help you to do just that.

Here are 7 ways to use your Pinterest profile as a money-making machine for your business:

1. Grow your audience

In order to make money on Pinterest, you must first have an audience. The best way to inspire audience growth on Pinterest is to post content that provides value to your audience and then make sure they can find it. Here are 27 tips that you can use to do just that.

Pinterest also allows you to run traffic-generating campaigns that promote awareness of your brand. There are over 200 million people who actively use Pinterest every month. Traffic generating campaigns are a good way to introduce your brand to Pinterest’s loyal users.


2. Invest in promoted pins

61% of Pinners have made a purchase after they have seen the brand’s content on their Pinterest profile. This is an audience that is not only interested in seeing new content from brands, they are also poised to buy.

To get the most out of Pinterest’s eager audience, promote your pins to generate more traffic to your product and increase your sales.

A promoted pin on Pinterest looks like any other pin. The difference is that it is seen by a wider audience. Since a promoted pin gets top placements on Pinterest, your target audience will be able to see them even if they don’t spend too much time on the platform. Your pins will enjoy a higher reach towards more desired audience targets.

3. Make your products easier to buy with one-tap promoted pins

The easier the buying process is, the more likely it is for your followers to buy. One-tap promoted pins eliminate a lot of the extra steps that customers have to go through in order for them to get the products that they want.

When they tap the one-tap button on your feed, they are taken directly to your website so they can quickly view the product from there. Since the one-tap feature was launched, twice as many pinners are finding products to buy through Pinterest.


4. Use promoted video pins to showcase your products

Videos provide some of the most engagement on Pinterest. Pinners say they are 75% more likely to watch videos on topics that interest them. In comparison, the audience on other platforms is only 55% likely to consume video content.

Pinterest videos play within the platform so users don’t need to be directed to another page. Pinterest ran a test on the types of videos that pinners are most likely to engage with. The two top-performing video types are Storytelling promoted videos and How-To promoted videos.


Storytelling Promoted Videos are best for promoting brand awareness. People buy from those they know and trust. Highlighting brand attributes and sharing your brand story helps you build rapport between you and your ideal customers. This format also works well for sharing news or launching new products.


How-to promoted videos help your audience learn about how your products work and how they can use them to solve a problem.


5. Use promoted app pins

More and more people are discovering new things through Pinterest – new recipes, new crafts, new products, and new apps! If you make money through app purchases, Pinterest is a great platform for you.

Promoted app pins enable people to download apps directly through the pins. Since they don’t have to leave Pinterest to complete the transaction, they are likely to download the app as they are browsing instead of saving that as a to-do for later and forgetting about it.


6. Use search ads to introduce your products to a new audience

Pinterest works more like a search engine than a social media platform. It receives 2 billion searches a month and most of these searches are for products and services that people are looking to buy.

According to Pinterest’s data, pinners start searching as much as three months before they purchase. This means that by using Pinterest, you are reaching buyers while they are still deciding to buy.

With search ads, Pinterest replicates the online and real-life shopping experience. It is a visual platform so much like shopping, the visual cues that you get from a store steer you into the direction of the products that you want to buy.


7. Enable your customers to purchase easily with Buyable Pins

Pinners can now buy your products without having to leave the platform. Buyable pins enable pinners to purchase products simply by tapping the “Buy it” button in the pin’s description.

To get the most out of your Buyable Pins, promote them to make it easier for Pinterest users to discover your products.


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Your Pinterest Profile Can Be Your Money-Making Machine for Your Business

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