Repurpose Content As A Yogi Instructor

Repurpose Content As A Yogi Instructor
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Writing isn’t your Zen, but then again there’s a whole plethora of opportunities that exist from writing, to podcasts to video and more. You’d rather be in downward dog or the Warrior pose, you’d rather be the guide to awareness in your role as a Certified Yoga Instructor, because you feel that’s how you may best serve your clients.   But, there are other ways to help your clients find a better space within themselves.

Whether your ultimate goal is to increase sign-ups for your blog or your classes, or driving traffic to your site, creating  more followers on Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, or your website.

We all learn in different ways, sometimes by repurposing content, you can help a client transform   Whether you give it freely, use it to market your yoga business or you reformat something to sell to earn some extra cash.   Here are a few ways you can repurpose content as a Yogi Instructor:


You can discover what your audience is looking for by perusing Quora.   Set up yoga questions as a favorite.   You can then go through the questions and find out what people are asking.   You can then either answer on Quora, with a link to your website, or use those questions and answers in a variety of materials.   Another way to use Quora, is to put a short answer in, and link it to a longer more detailed blog post on your website.

Blog to Pod

Do you have a blog post that you’ve been running for a while with a lot of little tidbits of info and fun.   You could turn them into a podcast.  Many people today listen to podcasts as they go to and from work, this would be a way for them to hear your sonorous voice and contemplate the beauty of attending one of your classes.

Pod to Video

Have you already done Podcasts?  You might want to entertain doing a video, you could start with the elements of the podcast and then create a mini class that people can participate in at home.   This way you could really give people an understanding of the kind of yoga teacher that you are.    These chatty sessions work very well on Facebook Live, but there are some wonderful things on YouTube as well.


Gather up all your ‘best hits’ in your blog, and create a free downloadable e-book that highlights and shows what kind of Yoga Instructor you are not only in style, but in attitude.   An ebook can be used in a variety of ways.   A small teaser could be a free download, a large ebook could be a downloaded for a few dollars on Amazon.

eBook to real book

Do you know about Lulu? has the availability to create a variety of books that you dictate the form and format.   It’s self publishing at it’s least expensive to you and most convenient to your clients.   From ebooks to hard and soft cover books.  Take some of your best and create a book that someone can hold.   This can be a book you sell for profit.   Or you could take a small book and create it as a special gift at holidays to give to your clients as a memento.

Great thoughts to a calendar

Another way you can use Lulu is to create a calendar.   You could use personal pictures, or download 12 sayings of yoga masters you admire, or excerpts from your blog.   The possibilities are endless.   This could be a gift or something you sell, or both.  Either way you will be on someone’s mind for 12 months.

Turn your internal data into interesting case studies

For example, you have created landing pages for a free e-book.  You may have some ideas as to why that is unique to your niche or audience demographics.    Do women in a certain age bracket or lifetime download your ebook.   You could use those results to create a case study.   Be your own focus group. Check out the most recent case study I did on Organic Pinterest for Business.


Repurpose Content As A Yogi Instructor

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