WHY CHOOSE between time for your business and time for your kiddos when you can…

Turn ONE little Livestream video into 6+ pieces of online content in 15 minutes or less!

In this FREE mini-class I’ll show you how to save yourself 10 hours a week so you can spend your time serving new paying clients… or taking a couple of well-deserved mama naps!

If you’ve caught yourself in the overwhelm of motherhood and entrepreneurship wondering, “How on EARTH can I create content when I can barely keep my head above this darn laundry tsunami?”

You’re not alone.

When I had my second kiddo (now 7 months old) I knew that my business mode of operation HAD to change! I no longer had the luxury of 6+ hours of uninterrupted work time while my 9-year-old was at school and I was thrilled to get 20 minutes to work on content for my business, when before I’d leisurely take hours a day to write out my social media posts, blog, and newsletter.

I had two options – give up on my business, or give up wasting time!

When I decided to get SMART about how I used my work time, I developed my signature system of repurposing content in minutes flat daily. Cue the “Hallelujah” chorus!

Imagine my relief when the epic content I was creating LIVE on video every day became the lynchpin of my business – providing me with ALL of the content I needed for the week!

I know you give your audience your BEST when you show up LIVE on video, too… so why spend HOURS more creating unique content for every single platform you show up on?

With my simple three step process and 15 minutes you’ll have your content published on:

  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Blog
  • Email List

When you snag your FREE Repurpose Your Content, Reclaim Your Time training, you’ll be able to:

  • Schedule out content for the entire week (or even month) in less than an hour!
  • Target a wider audience and improve your SEO on multiple social media platforms without having to create unique content for each one
  • Save 10 hours a week for yourself or your VA by repurposing content and maximizing your rock star wisdom