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Best way to use Pinterest for business and reach the right organic audience with specific categories.

Hey, do you know what brands should be on Pinterest?
Do you know how to figure out if your brand should be on Pinterest?

If you are a coach, a consultant, an entrepreneur, a blogger, I want to show you the different categories that are on Pinterest to help you guys understand where you would fit in, and how setting up Pinterest for business is essential to your business’s bottom line.

I want to show you guys when someone comes to me and says Laura, I need your done for your services, but I’m not sure if Pinterest is really a good fit for my business. I have figured out a way to be able to give them an unbiased opinion and the best way to use Pinterest for business. I don’t want them to feel like I’m just selling them because I need their service or I need their business because that’s not the case.

I want them to be happy and feel committed in their decision to work with me on Pinterest and so this is the same that I would tell for you if you are not sure where you should be on Pinterest. If you’re already on Pinterest, but you’re not getting the traffic that you hope to be getting from it, this will also be good for you too.


Setting up Pinterest for business with categories that organically target your niche audience

I am currently at pinterest.com/categories. You’ll see they give you some of the main categories here that people search for. The biggest struggle for some people in the marketing space is the fact that there’s no marketing category here. So setting up Pinterest for a business account can be tricky to reach the right audience if you don’t do some digging. This could be true for anybody else, like women’s fashion, but the problem is it’s a huge category. There are 9.8 million followers in this category.

So all you need do is scroll down and you’ll see other topics and trends centered around women’s fashion. You want to find ones that are more niche. You could click on styling tips and while you guys are doing this, make sure that you’re writing down the steps that you’re doing.

So step one would be women’s fashion. Step two, now I’m in styling tips, there’s 644k and I still think that’s a little bit big, so you could keep going down and finding other ones. So it’s kind of just clicking through and checking it out.

Now we go to fashion trends, and it’s 2.3 million. So we want to just keep like, let’s check on women street style, right? Just keep clicking through some of these topics. Here we go, Women’s street style is 47.2k followers, everything that’s listed here.

If you see these images here, and this is where your clothing should be done without a shadow of a doubt you should be creating pins and categories and topics and boards and keywords and everything centered around women’s street style.

Now you are saying Laura, how does this help give me an unbiased opinion and show me if I should focus on Pinterest use for business to reach an untapped audience. If you see what you like in these categories for other businesses that are on Pinterest, then you should be as well, right. So because there’s no marketing on here, I did some digging because of my own business as well. When you go under technology, you’ll see other things that you can start to pull up. So you’ll see electronics, energy technology, biotechnology, vehicles, robots, virtual reality, like you’ll see all these different things and see you cleat keep just clicking on things, right.

So I’m going to go into let’s do next, or gadgets or future tech. What happens is when you start getting through some of the technical things, so even though it’s under future tech, right? You’ll see Twitter, right here. So now that tree, we the category would be technology, our keyword would be Twitter, you see how that works, you guys. Here’s the deal now that I from Twitter, what if I don’t want to be promoting Twitter that I do for social media, right? Totally fine. So click on Twitter. And now see what other topics pull up mobile marketing Community Manager. So let’s click on Community Manager, which is like in my mind, Facebook management, groups, things like that. You could do social media measurement, big data.

And so when you’re clicking on these, I’m still under the technology category. But I’m finding other things public relations, mobile marketing. So that’s a way to kind of see like, all those things are on here. You can start to be listed as these as well.

Let’s check on another niche, life coaching. If you are focusing on someone who’s going through a hardship, someone who’s going through maybe divorce responsibilities, Relationship Coaching, maybe something like that, give me some of those, I will tell you that we have a client in that niche and one in career coaching. They help people, people that feel like they’re stuck in their current career, whether it’s them wanting to scale up and go into management further or things like that, or whether it’s they’re just not in the right fitted career. They’re not sure how to make that shift. She’s the coach that helps them through that. So just to show you career coaching, and I went under there. So that topic has 17.8k followers on their career. Now you can start seeing career advice, job search tips, resume tips, cover letters, interview questions, like all this is going to be centered around what she is doing.

Self-improvement is a great topic on Pinterest and then you can scroll down to see personal development, leadership development, self-improvement quotes. You can go through all of these things through here, and so if something weren’t a topic, self-esteem affirmations, it would pull up your profile again, instead of this where you can follow this topic, all it would do is it would just pull up your Pinterest profile again and it would bring you back to that. So you would have to start the search over again.

This is you guys, honestly, the coolest way for you guys to be able to see different businesses that absolutely should be on here because they’re already topics that are categorized and being searched for organically on this platform. So we have everything on here. We have crafts on here. I can tell you I have books and books of sewing, DIY, home decor, core patterns, embroidery, there’s education, we had a done for your client that was a TP t teacher. And so basically what that was, is she creates lesson plans and sells them for other teachers. And this is a whole community of teachers that do this. And they can totally reach another an amazing amount of organic traffic from their store on TPT from Pinterest because there are people on there searching for educational tools, there are teachers, there are homeschool parents.

There’s food and drink on here health and fitness. There’s tons of stuff for geek nerds and techie nerds like my family. So you can look into the futuristic tech. If you are a geek about movies, if you sell different like tickets to movie events, things like that, that’s on here, we have a done for your client, that’s actually not a realtor, which does very well on Pinterest and not a mortgage broker, which also does very well on Pinterest. But someone that helps individuals that are already in a mortgage loan, pay that off quickly. So it’s kind of a different way they have the ideas and things like that out of a mortgage broker, but they’re helping people reduce that by changing the loan and things like that. It’s really cool and they do phenomenal on Pinterest.

I am super excited to let you know that I have a free Pinterest masterclass coming up soon that talks about the best way to use Pinterest for business. It is a one hour class where we get more clear with you about Pinterest use for business and the three undeniable reasons why you need to be utilizing this platform for your business.

If you are a coach, a consultant, an entrepreneur, a blogger, i want to show you the different categories that are on pinterest to help you guys understand where you would fit in, and how setting up pinterest for business is essential to your business’s bottom line.

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