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I love Pinterest for so many reasons and many people don’t realize that is a great search engine tool for businesses. If used properly, Pinterest can drive traffic to your website and give your audience an insight into who you are that they may have never had before, organically without any PPC advertising. Plus, and let’s just be real here, it’s extremely fun!

So, how do YOU begin my Pinterest Journey?

Well, other than the obvious statement of “set up an account first”, there are many great points that I will go over to help you optimize your account for your business.

  1. First, you want to make sure that (if you can) you choose the option of setting your account up as a “business account” as this will automatically make it easier for people to find your specific niche.
  2. You should also connect all of your social media to it (you can skip this step as some people don’t have a need for this but we encourage you to at least connect your website to your newly created account) and it is also vital that you complete all of the “about me” fields as its unlikely that people will follow you with no information about who you are, what you do and what you stand for. [Tweet “So how did your #Pinterest journey start & why do you primarily use it? @laura_rike”]
  3. Next, verify you email address so that your account is valid and there are no issues with people seeing your company and you being able to log in moving forward. Make sure you verify your pinterest account too! You can read our step by step instructions on how to do that by clicking HERE!
  4. Now, this is the time you’ll want to select all of your custom features. This is really fun as no two companies will be exactly the same (this just furthers the idea that people could find you specifically with ease). Add widgets, promoted pins, analytics, etc and keep an eye on your track record and what about your pins makes people come back for more (or “follow” you).
  5. Finally, the last point I am going to go over is creating your boards (the really fun part!).
Create covers for your boards and use colors according to your branding

Make sure you have some fun with this. After all, while helpful businesses related pins and becoming more and more poplar on this network, people that are frequently on this site are generally very visual creatures and need something more to draw them in and make them keep reading. try creating interesting images for all of the pins you upload yourself and remember to also pin other’s ideas. Some businesses like creating a theme for their Pinterest boards but I personally like the mix of colorful and interesting business related pins and other fun things that tell my audience more about me. Pinterest is a great way to see the human behind the business.

What kind of boards will you include on your profile?
Link your Pinterest account below if you’d like to get the word out!

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