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Are you looking to level up your Pinterest game and capture the attention of your audience? Well, get ready to dive into the world of short form videos! We’re not talking about serious and formal videos here. In this post we are going to explore the exciting realm of engaging and casual short form videos on Pinterest. When you use fun and engaging short form videos and tell you audience stories about your life and business, you will easily attract your audience & forge deeper connections

Watch my Interview with Nika Stewart on Short Form Videos

Decoding Short Form Video on Pinterest

Let’s start by unraveling the mystery behind short form videos. These are the cool kids on the block, the bite-sized videos that last under 60 seconds (but the real magic happens in those under 30 seconds snippets). The beauty of short form videos lies in their vertical format, perfectly tailored to fit your phone screen. You don’t need to rotate your device or strain your eyes trying to adjust to a different orientation.

Short form videos are the cool kids on the block, offering a concentrated dose of laughter, knowledge, or inspiration with just a swipe of your thumb. Their concise format challenges creators to make a lasting impact in just a few seconds.

Use the Secret Sauce

Short form videos don’t have to be all about awkward dances or lip-sync battles. If that’s not your style, fear not! You can still create captivating content that offers value to your audience. The secret sauce? Embrace your authentic self! Share your vulnerabilities, open up about your mistakes, and talk about the things you once kept hidden. By letting your true self shine through, you’ll forge a genuine connection with your viewers that can’t be replicated.

Repurpose Your Long-Form Content

If you’re sitting on a treasure trove of long-form content, now is the perfect opportunity to unlock its full potential by repurposing and breathing new life into it. Take those valuable gems and skillfully transform them into attention-grabbing clips that command the viewer’s attention. With a touch of editing and a sprinkle of magic, adapt the content to fit the captivating vertical format that short form videos thrive on. And why stop there? Consider creating a snappy 30-second wrap-up summary, condensing your main points into a bite-sized burst of knowledge or entertainment. By repurposing your long-form content into short form videos, you’re tapping into the desires of viewers who crave quick and engaging content that effortlessly fits into their fast-paced lives.

Here is a great example from my interview with Nika Stewart:

Embrace the Mobile Format

Here’s the scoop about short form videos on Pinterest: they’re all about the mobile experience. So, it’s time to go all-in and optimize your content for those tiny screens. Get creative with eye-catching visuals, add witty text overlays, and set the mood with enticing music. Remember, your aim is to create content that people can enjoy on the go. Make it immersive, make it captivating, and watch as your viewers get hooked!

Drive Engagement and Expand Reach

Short form videos are your golden ticket to reaching new audiences on Pinterest. These platforms are designed to showcase your short form videos to people who aren’t even following you yet. Talk about an opportunity! By crafting compelling content that resonates with viewers, you can skyrocket engagement, gain more followers, and inspire action from your audience. It’s time to make waves and show the world what you’ve got!

The Final Pin Drop

Ready to spice up your Pinterest strategy with the power of short form videos? Say goodbye to formalities and hello to engaging, casual content that captivates, connects, and inspires. Let your true self shine, repurpose your long-form gems, and optimize for the mobile experience. Get ready to expand your reach, drive engagement, and make a meaningful impact with every 30-second clip. So, what are you waiting for? Unleash your creativity, tap into the potential of short form videos, and let Pinterest become your stage for greatness. Let’s captivate, connect, and inspire like never before!

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