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Pinterest Marketing: Organic Traffic & Email List Growth. Learn how to increase traffic, grow your email list and generate sales with Pinterest marketing. Includes tips on using hashtags, creating boards for maximum exposure and more!

5 Pinterest Marketing Tips

Do you want to learn how to market yourself and your business on Pinterest?Are you looking for a resource to guide your Pinterest marketing efforts? Whether you’re marketing on Pinterest as an individual or as a brand, in this interview I talk about how you can build a following, optimize your pins and boards, measure…

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Creative ways to Use Pinterest in Your Photography Business

creative ways to use pinterest in your photography business

Photography is something I’ve always loved and there is so much that can be done with it in terms of creativity and social media. As we have talked about previously, Pinterest is really a place where all the visual people of the world flock, and since photography is a very visual field, it only make…

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8 Simple Ways to Attract More Attention on Pinterest for Business

Pinterest is known for its organic marketing, and using the right tactics makes it easier to increase your visibility.

Facebook and Twitter get all of the attention when it comes to social media, and they probably should. They’re still the most used social platforms, and you want your business in front of the most possible eyeballs. But the one that seems to get sidelined too often is Pinterest for business, which remains one of the…

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Tips on Branding YOUR business

Learn 3 tips on branding your business

Tips on ⚠ Branding ? YOUR business! ? I give 3 tips on branding your business, maybe you already know them – but – do you USE them when branding your company?

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Getting Started With Pinterest

I love Pinterest for so many reasons and many people don’t realize that is a great search engine tool for businesses. If used properly, Pinterest can drive traffic to your website and give your audience an insight into who you are that they may have never had before, organically without any PPC advertising. Plus, and…

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