Your Pinterest Profile Can Be Your Money-Making Machine for Your Business

Pinterest is a platform that over 200 million people visit each month to get inspired by new ideas. Most of the time, they also get inspired to shop. That´s why your Pinterest profile can be the key to making money for your business. Pinterest captures audiences in different stages of the buying process. 93% of…

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What are Rich Pins & how to Set up Rich Pins

Rich Pins for Pinterest - How and Why to use them for your business.

Pinterest Rich Pins have been available for some time – but are you using them? When someone clicks the Rich Pin – not just the bold headline, but a little push to follow the “Rich Pinner!” It seriously can double your traffic in a matter of months just by making sure you have this option set up within your…

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27 Pinterest Tips For Business and Bloggers

5 Ways To Bring Your Customers Back to Life -

Are you getting results from Pinterest?  Pinterest is one of the most effective tools in driving traffic to your site and introducing your brand to new influencers and consumers. If you are not getting these results from Pinterest, perhaps you need to do some fine-tuning in how you use the platform. Use these 27 Pinterest tips…

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What You Should Know about Pinterest Hashtags

Hashtags have been made popular by Instagram and Twitter, but have also been used on other social networks, such as Pinterest and Facebook. When used correctly, hashtags can help create a user-friendly experience on Pinterest, just like on other platforms. With the right strategy, marketers can use Pinterest hashtags to their advantage in order to…

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Increase Your Pinterest Traffic: How I Get 213.8k Monthly Viewers Consistently


Is Pinterest for more than just pinning your favorite DIY ideas or recipes to try at home? You best believe it is! Let me tell you how I went from a few measly hundred monthly viewers to now getting an average of 213+ thousand active viewers each and every month on Pinterest! Why Pinterest? Why…

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