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Do you enjoy hearing the same stories repeatedly? We all have that one relative that likes to tell the same stories, no matter how many times you have heard them. We all hate sitting next to him at family dinners. The same thing happens on Pinterest. The lesson here is, you should not be re-sharing the same boards with the same content as often as you probably are.

Tips which you MUST know when it comes to Marketing A Pinterest Business Account in 2019

Some of the best practices and tactics have changed so make sure you pay attention because these seem to be great for content creators! Tailwind published an article about the latest best practices for marketing on Pinterest. Tailwind works closely with Pinterest, so you should pay attention to any advice they offer.

Pinterest business account: Some of the best practices and tactics have changed so make sure you pay attention because these seem to be great for content creators!

The main points in the article revolve around a Pinterest business account marketing strategy of creating new content often and sharing old pins less. They state you should wait at least four months before sharing the same pin to the same board. It should not be a surprise that pins get the most traffic the first time it is shared. What may surprise you is the more you share the exact same pin means less traffic in the long run.

When it comes to a Pinterest business account, you should remember that your pin is visible for a long time, so you do not need to continue to share it repeatedly for more people to see it. They will see it as soon as you pin it. One tip is that you can make an old pin fresh by simple tweaking like adding new images to the original link. You do not even need to update the content, especially if it is still pertinent.

How To Implement These Pinterest Business Account Marketing Strategies For Small Business Tips

More Content, More Often

You should devote your energy to creating new content frequently. People get bored easily and want to see new content regularly. Be sure that your new content is valuable content. People want quality posts. Creating new content is often challenging.

Same Content, Different Images

You can create multiple pins for the same content. The trick is to change the image for each pin. You can create several different pins and release them once a week, for about three weeks. The change could be something simple like the color, text, or image. One reason for doing this is that people respond differently to your pins. Design is a bit subjective and a simple change such as text can appeal to an entirely different audience. It is an easy way to reach many people.


Once you start to build a following, you want to keep them engaged. People like to know when they will see new content. Once you set their expectations, they will want you to continue to meet those expectations. Determine how many pins you want to create on a daily basis. It should be something that will work for you and your business. Whatever the number, make sure it is something you can manage. Then, draw up a schedule for yourself that allows you to  create all that new content, so you can meet your daily number. As stated above, make sure the content is valuable to your audience.


SmartLoop is the brain child of Tailwind, one of Pinterest’s partners. This feature lets you automate the sharing of new pins and pins that are seasonal to whatever boards you select. You no longer have to remember to share a pin because this app will handle it all for you. SmartLoop lets you select how often you would like to re-share pins. As suggested earlier, you should set that to a minimum of a four month interval. Tailwind offers plans for using SmartLoop. The basic plan allows you 250 free SmartLoops.

Pinterest Marketing does not have to be difficult. However, you should be smart about it. Be aware of how often you are re-sharing. Make sure you have fresh content on a regular basis. Aim for a certain number of pins per day. Simple changes to text can be enough to make an old pin new again.

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