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Are you tired of creating stunning Pinterest images, only to have them buried beneath a sea of content? Do you want to increase engagement and drive traffic to your website, but don’t know where to start? Look no further, my friend!

The secret to Pinterest success lies in the often-overlooked image description. Yes, you read that right – the description beneath your pin is just as important as the image itself! In this blog post, we’ll explore the key elements of a great Pinterest descriptions and provide tips to help you create descriptions that stand out from the crowd.

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Why Killer Pinterest Descriptions are a Must-Have for your Marketing Strategy

When it comes to using Pinterest for your business, creating great image descriptions is crucial. Pinterest users are constantly searching for relevant content, whether it’s for purchasing, learning, DIYing, or just reading something. Thus, it is important to focus on what your description and title is saying to them, not just the image.

Your image description is the section where you tell everybody what your pin is about. This is where you add a great caption, tell the story, and add keywords. You have up to 500 characters to capture their attention and get them to click through, but you also have those 500 characters to hone in on the phrases that people are searching for.

Elevate Your Pinterest Game with These Must-Have Image Description Elements

Your Pinterest image description consists of the title, description, and destination link. These three things are right to the right of the image you just uploaded. When you publish your pin, it will appear either underneath the pin or to the right of the pin, and it will be right there for them to see when they see the image that you’ve created.

Your Pinterest image description needs to be very strategic. Finding those relevant keywords is going to be super important. You want to consider what words your potential clients or potential purchasers are using to find the solution to the problem they are having.

What search terms are they going to Google, going to social media, and going to Pinterest to search for?

For instance, if you have a blog post that talks about how to create an effective content marketing strategy, then you need to include the relevant keywords in your description such as content marketing strategy, online business, and easy steps. But don’t go in there and say irrelevant things like social media posts or DIY your website because those are not specific to the content marketing strategy you are discussing in your blog post.

Boost Your Marketing Strategy with Trends.Pinterest.com

If you’re not sure what keywords to use in your Pinterest image descriptions, then you should check out trends.pinterest.com. This site gives you insights into what’s actually trending on the platform right now and provides you with keyword suggestions on what to use for what people are searching.

This tool is particularly useful when you’re creating new content. You can use it to see what people are currently searching for and create content that meets those needs. For instance, if you notice that people are searching for “summer fashion trends,” then you can create content around that topic and include the relevant keywords in your Pinterest image description.

Avoid Snooze Worthy, Irrelevant Keywords

It’s important to keep your keywords relevant to the content you’re promoting. Don’t use irrelevant keywords just to get more views because that will only cause your pin to be shown to the wrong people. It may get you views, but it won’t get the click-throughs, saves, or the backend ROI.

Using irrelevant keywords may also get your pin marked as spam, which is something you want to avoid. Nobody has time to put out these pins and this content, hoping to get all these views, but not getting the desired results. So make sure that you keep your keywords relevant to the content you’re promoting.

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The Final Pin-drop

Creating great Pinterest image descriptions is a key component of any Pinterest marketing strategy. Your description and title need to be strategic and focus on the phrases that people are searching for. Use tools like trends.pinterest.com to find relevant keywords, and avoid using irrelevant keywords that can cause your pin to be shown to the wrong people or get marked as spam. With a little bit of effort and attention to detail, you can create great Pinterest descriptions that will help you drive traffic, increase engagement, and grow your audience on this popular visual search engine.

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