How to use Pinterest Idea pins for your brand

The days of having only one or two options for sharing your newest recipe or killer workout are history. Following the success of Instagram Stories (and the rise of TikTok,) Pinterest launched its next big thing with Pinterest Stories called Pinterest Idea Pins. Rolled out to a few influencers in September 2020, Pinterest Story Pins…

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How One Client Doubled Her Traffic With Pinterest!

How 1 client doubled her traffic with Pinterest!

This month we are highlighting a client that doubled her traffic with Pinterest in one month! Here’s how we did it. Where she started  When we started working with this client, she was getting traffic to her blog, but she really wanted to focus on getting more of the right traffic to her blog. She…

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Pinterest for Coaches: How to grow your coaching business using Pinterest for lead generation

How to grow your coaching business using Pinterest for lead generation

Unlike other social media platforms, like Twitter and Facebook, Pinterest’s unique double life as a search engine means users don’t go there to passively scroll. They’re looking for a solution to a problem. This makes Pinterest an excellent resource for marketing your coaching business. With the right content and approach, your business, and the solutions…

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Pinterest for Authors: Mystery Author Increases Pinterest Impressions 150%

Mystery author increases impression 150%

We started with this mystery author in January 2021. Within 60 days, we were able to increase impressions by over 150%!

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How We Increased Website Traffic 137% on Pinterest For Network Marketing!

How we increased traffic 137% for a direct sales company!

We increased one direct sales client traffic by 137% in less than 3 months!

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