The Best Time to Post on Instagram

Instagram is all about posting content at the right time
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Instagram is one of the most popular mediums to connect with the people today.

It has evolved as a successful way to connect with your audience and that is why it is seeking a lot of attention. There is no denial to the fact that this social media platform attracts lots of visitors towards it thus providing a big opportunity for the business owners to enhance their website traffic as well as the sales. If you too are tired of the decreasing traffic on your website, just go for instagram marketing which is effective in every way. Using the right Instagram marketing strategy and finding the best time to post on Instagram, can make a lot of difference for which you have been longing for.


As Instagram is all about posting content at the right time, it is necessary to have an idea as which hour of the day is most suitable. With the help of this online marketing strategy you will surely be able to achieve the purpose and benefit from it.

  • Morning 7am to 9am – This is the most ideal time to post any kind of stuff on the Instagram. Ii is because of the simple reason that people access their phone as soon as they get up so if you post something new there are better chances that it will be viewed by most of them. This will certainly have an influence on the traffic as people or the visitors will show interest and visit the website for further details.
  • Afternoon 12pm to 2pm – This is the lunch time in most of the offices whether government or private so as the people are free they will access the devices to check what they have missed in the last couple of hours. Thus it will be easier for you to grab their attention and ensure that they get influenced by the stuff posted on Instagram.
  • Evening 5pm to 7pm – This is usually the time for the evening snacks and tea. People are free during these hours as some are coming back from their offices or some might be relaxing in their offices. Thus they utilize this time to get connected with social media and see what’s going around. So you can take the advantage of this time and post content so that it is able to get maximum views as well as likes.

These are three ideal hours to post content Instagram thereby gaining the attention of more people and making a difference to your business.


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